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Vegetarian diet and hair loss

Léa Prague on June 9, 2023 0 Comments • Tags: #hairloss #hairtransplant #vegetarian

Vegetarian diet and hair loss

Vegetarian diet and hair loss – Vegetarianism or even veganism have become increasingly popular diets. This way of life is based on respect for animals and the environment, thus eliminating meat, fish and all animal proteins in any form from their diet, for vegans. Vegetarians still agree to consume milk and eggs.

Due to the change in diet, the body may be confronted with certain deficiencies. But then, does being a vegetarian affect your health? Or does being a vegetarian cause hair loss?

Thanks to this article, we will reveal the possible links between vegetarianism and hair loss, and also give you some tips to follow if you want to opt for a vegetarian diet, while taking care of your hair health.

Vegetarian diet and hair loss – Does being a vegetarian cause hair loss?

Vegetarian diet and hair loss – Changing diets overnight is not something to be taken lightly. Indeed, it is important to be well documented beforehand, so that the body can adapt to sudden changes. When switching from a carnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet, the body can suddenly have certain deficiencies. It is therefore necessary to know which vegetarian or vegan foods to consume in order to compensate for certain lack of nutrients or vitamins that the body may have.

If the vegetarian diet consists of a varied diet, without any nutritional deficiencies, then being a vegetarian will have no impact on hair loss.

However, it happens that some vegetarians notice an acceleration in hair loss, once this new diet has started. This then necessarily comes from a nutritional deficiency, and not from vegetarianism itself.

Remember that hair needs nutrients and vitamins, such as iron, zinc, vitamin B, biotin, etc. in order to stay healthy and strong.

This conclusion therefore leads us to recall the importance of these contributions for good hair health. Thus, even being a vegetarian, you can avoid hair loss as much as possible.

How to avoid hair loss when you are vegetarian?

A vegetarian diet can lead to a dietary imbalance. Here are some tips to ensure a balanced vegetarian diet rich in essential nutrients. Vegetarian diet and hair loss.

Regulate soy consumption

Vegetarian diet and hair loss

Vegetarian diet and hair loss: Soy in the vegetarian or vegan diet is very present. Indeed, soy is a substitute for protein and calcium provided by meat in a normal diet. However, it must be taken into account that too much soy consumption can influence the functioning of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones have an impact on hair health, so you have to know how to regulate your soy consumption, to avoid possible hair loss when you are a vegetarian.

Watch out for iron deficiency

Vegetarian or vegan diets are very rich in iron. However, in order to properly absorb iron, the body needs other nutrients found in meat in particular. Vegetarians often have an iron deficiency. The circulatory system then disturbed, can have a direct negative impact on the good development of the hair. For lack of iron, the hair cycle is altered, and hair loss can then occur.

Consume vitamin B12

In order to promote the absorption of iron by the body, taking vitamin B12 in the form of food supplements is essential. Vitamin B12 is also present in brewer’s yeast, which can be added to vegetarian diets.

Consuming biotin or vitamin B8

Biotin is the essential ally against hair loss, whether you are a vegetarian or a carnivore. The biotin vitamin promotes the production of enzymes in the hair, thus facilitating the arrival of nutrients and the oxygenation of the hair follicles. Biotin can be consumed in the form of capsules in food supplements, but is also naturally present in dried fruits or in eggs.

Vegetarian and hair transplant

Conclusion, Vegetarian diet and hair loss

Whether you eat meat or not, you can of course be affected by hair loss, or suffer from alopecia.

To fight against hair loss, you must of course opt for a healthy diet, rich in nutrients, whether the diet is carnivorous or vegetarian.

However, it often happens that despite good habits and a healthy life, hair loss gives you a hard time.

Hair transplantation can then be the solution to your problem. So do not hesitate any longer, and have your free diagnosis established, in order to know first of all if you are a candidate for a hair transplant.

HairBack Clinic receives vegetarian, vegan, carnivorous or even flexitarian patients every day. Whatever your lifestyle and eating habits, hair transplantation can solve your alopecia problem, for life 🙂


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