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Hair transplant surgeon in turkey
Qualified hair transplant surgeons in Turkey


Our team at HairBack Clinic consists of excellent hair transplant surgeons in Turkey who are highly qualified FUE/DHI hair transplant experts and have been practicing in Istanbul since 2015. With a combined extensive experience of over 12 years in hospital and 10 years of clinical practice, our team members possess extensive expertise in their field.

All members have attended numerous training courses and congresses in general plastic surgery and follicle transplantation.

Our hair transplant doctors specializing in the FAST FUE technique have achieved the best European results in recent years.

A first-rate hair transplant surgeon in Turkey


Dr. Baykal Oymak is a renowned transplant doctor in Turkey with 17 years of experience. He started his career as a dermatologist at Bogazici Hospital in Istanbul. Over the years, he has performed around 14,000 successful hair transplant operations in Turkey. Dr. Oymak is also a specialist in PRP treatment and Mesotherapy.

Leading a team of 30 expert technicians, all well trained in hair transplantation, Dr. Oymak ensures top-notch care for his patients. He keeps up to date with the latest innovations and developments in the sector, actively participating in scientific congresses and seminars around the world.

Dr. Baykal Oymak’s commitment to excellence and continuous learning makes him a renowned and sought-after hair transplant specialist, setting new standards in the industry.


An experienced team. Advisors available at all times.

We provide all our patients with well-trained, experienced, and world-renowned medical professionals and advisors, offering personalized service for the best hair transplant surgeon results in Turkey.

hair transplant team

Each patient will receive a personalized service.

Our consultant will act as your primary contact throughout the entire process. They will be readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, providing timely support and reassurance.

We understand that having a hair transplant can be a significant decision. Your advisor will provide emotional support and guidance, lending an empathetic ear to your concerns and ensuring you feel comfortable and confident at every stage.

Expertise you can trust.

You can trust our carefully selected team of hair transplant surgeons in Turkey to provide you with the most effective and advanced solutions for female hair, beard, and alopecia, the FAST FUE Rev. for which we are known. We aim to restore your confidence and help you achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results.

In addition to our expert hair transplant doctor in Turkey, our team consists of self-taught specialists who are fully dedicated to the art of hair transplantation.

How do you know if the hair transplant doctor is good?

One of the most frequently asked questions is choosing a hair transplant doctor in Turkey.

In fact, before proceeding with a hair transplant, it is important to know the surgeon who is preparing to operate on you and what his background is. For that, you need to do your research on the web and social networks. The clinic website should provide information about the hair transplant doctor, his experience, education, etc.

You can also consult forums and blogs to supplement your research on hair transplantation in Turkey. Try to find the surgeon's results and take the time to analyze them. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to ask the clinic to send you more material.


Attention, many clinics use the image of a famous hair transplant doctor in Turkey to attract patients. Before going to the clinic, make sure that the hair transplant surgeon will perform the operation.

Sometimes it is healthcare professionals who have little experience who take charge of the implantation of the follicles. The hair transplant surgeon must always be present during the hair transplant in Turkey.


The technologies used in Turkey for hair transplantation are currently the most advanced.

This is a very important criterion to consider when choosing a hair transplant doctor in Turkey who is experienced and passionate. Make sure that the clinic provides Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques before hiring and that your hair transplant doctor in Turkey has extensive experience with them.

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