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Hair Transplant in Turkey Prices

How much does a hair transplant in Turkey cost?

HairBack Clinic’s goal is to become the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. We have equipped ourselves with the latest technology in the healthcare industry and employed the best hair transplant specialists in the country to ensure that all our patients achieve real, high-quality results.

With that in mind, HairBack Clinic warmly welcomes you to our clinic, where we strive to provide optimal hair transplant outcomes. Your safety is our top priority, and we want you to feel secure throughout the entire process. Experience unparalleled comfort and take advantage of the finest hair implant services available in Turkey.

At HairBack Clinic, we offer exceptional service and highly experienced hair transplant experts in Turkey who take into account your expectations and individual needs. We provide multiple options and guide you throughout the postoperative process.

Our hair transplant clinic maintains rigorous control over every aspect of your treatment, from the initial evaluation to achieving the final results, with ongoing patient support. That is why today, we take great pride in being one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Istanbul.

Our offer

Which plan to choose?

Want to regain your hair? Now, everything is possible with HairBack Clinic. Choose your hair transplant package in Turkey, and come meet us.

We offer a follicular transplant performed using the FUE Fast Rev technique, which is an advanced version of the Sapphire technique, allowing for even faster hair implantation. By minimizing the time follicles spend outside the scalp, they become more resilient and stronger, resulting in unprecedented survival rates.

The process is similar to that of a traditional transplant, where individual grafts are extracted from the donor area and then reimplanted in the area affected by alopecia.

This revolutionary technique delivers natural and aesthetically pleasing results, even for challenging cases. It is completely painless, and the postoperative recovery period is shorter compared to other methods.

The choice of technique depends not only on the patient but also on the surgeon’s expertise, who must recommend the most suitable approach for each case to achieve the best results.

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The steps to follow

How to do ?

The personalized study

Therefore, before starting the procedure, the doctor must analyze your case to decide which method to use during the transplant and how to plan the surgery with your team. After which, you will be informed about the price of hair transplant in Turkey.

The preoperative

The preoperative consultation is very important and those with any technique used. Indeed, it makes it possible to take into account certain parameters essential to the success of the hair transplant operation. It must be performed by the surgeon before starting the operation.

The consumption of vitamin and minoxidil must be interrupted before the operation as well as possible anticoagulants.

It will be possible to specify postoperative standards for patients, such as not consuming alcohol or tobacco, or not exposing themselves to excessive exposure to the sun. It should never be forgotten that the first 3 days after the transplant are decisive for the result.

Hair transplant price

Once the preliminary case study has been carried out, it is possible to decide on the best technique for the specific case:

The DHI technique

DHI is the direct implantation of hair into the hair tissue. The follicle is directly extracted and implanted in the area suffering from alopecia. Currently, it is one of the most effective techniques that exist and which allows to obtain the best results from hair transplants.

It is a quick and painless technique that allows the team to maintain full control over the placement, angle and depth of the graft. Minimally invasive and effective, it is requested by a large number of patients. In some cases, the patient does not even need to shave in the reception area.

The FUE Sapphire technique – Fast Rev.

One of the new techniques of this 21st century invented by the HairBack clinic is the FUE Fast Rev. An innovative method that achieves the best hair transplant results with a success rate of over 98%. It was manufactured in one of the largest laboratories in Istanbul and developed by leading hair transplant surgeons in Turkey.

With this implantation and extraction method, the follicle is kept out of the scalp in an extremely short period of time compared to conventional methods and ensures a much higher than average follicle survival. It is minimally invasive thanks to the use of a sapphire blade and is today the technique that gives the most capillary volume.

The clinic specialist and precursor of this technique fully ensures its performance, guaranteeing a high quality result taking into account each parameter.

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