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    Hair transplant in Turkey

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    In 2020 HairBack Clinic and its ultra modern infrastructure have developed after years of work the most effective implant technique. The HairBack Clinic teams have worked tirelessly to be able to offer their patients the number 1 hair transplant solution in the world: The Fast FUE Revº.

    Combining experience and state-of-the-art technology, 96% of the patients treated were satisfied.

    Our services


    Sapphire FUE technique

    Hair transplant

    Hair transplant with FUE Fast Rev technique. – Cost € 1,690.

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    Beard transplant in Turkey


    Beard transplant with FUE Sapphire – From € 1,690.

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    PRP treatment


    PRP treatment – Plasma enriched with Platelets – From 200€/session

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    From 1690 €
    • Online assessment
    • Transport and transfers
    • Pre-operative consultation
    • FAST FUE Rev. Technique
    • Post-operative consultation
    • First aids
    • Hair wash at the clinic
    • 1 Lunch
    • 2 nights in a 5* Hotel
    • Online Follow up

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    Our hair transplant offer in Turkey is adapted to the needs of patients determined by the diagnosis previously carried out by our Surgeon in Istanbul, for their hair treatment with the following methods: Saphire FUE o DHI Technique.




    As soon as you arrive in Istanbul, we take care of each transfer by providing quality private transport.

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    Enjoy luxury accommodation to feel comfortable at all times. Comfortable facilities and VIP service.

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    We provide a translator so that you can communicate with our medical team at any time.

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    Natural result


    At our hair transplant center in Turkey, we are committed to achieving natural results and optimal density.

    We always take into account all factors that may arise in each case. Therefore, we make sure to employ the best strategy for each patient so that they can benefit from the hair implant they need.

    For a good density it is necessary to be able to implant on average 110 hairs per cm2. At HairBackClinic, we always keep this parameter as a priority.

    And thanks to our technique, more than 99% of the follicles survive during the growth phase.

    Real patient cases


    real patient experience

    Peter T

    My procedure took place about a year and a half ago, and I am really satisfied with my results.

    real patient experience

    Michael O'Donnell

    Very good hair transplant clinic, friendly staff and they always want you to be as relaxed as possible. After the operation, the advisor answers all your questions immediately.

    Beard transplant in Turkey

    Walid Khan

    I'm not one to write on social media but I wanted to share my experience. My intervention went perfectly!

    Frequently asked questions


    During the 4th week, a fall of the transplanted hair is caused by the implant, which means that approximately 2 months later, the patient will regain his initial appearance before the transplant. From the 2nd month, the transplanted follicular units begin their real growth.

    We use painless local anesthesia, so sensitivity is minimal in the area where the hair implant is performed.

    No, because it is done by microsurgery (FUE technique) and leaves no scars or marks after the hair transplant and that is precisely why it is important to choose the best hair transplant clinic before performing the implant.

    This is a minimally invasive procedure, which will not prevent the patient from leading a normal life and he can take his return flight the next day. It is always recommended that the first 4 days the patient be rested to ensure rapid recovery.

    We have optimized the duration of follicular unit microtransplantation to 6 hours, this duration being approximate according to the characteristics and needs of the patient. Although follicle transplant may seem time consuming, time flies much faster when you are in the operating room.

    We always inform in writing of the number of follicular units that we are going to implant, a follicular unit count is performed manually and the best guarantee is the subsequent follow-up of the hair transplant to ensure that the growth of new hair is optimal.

    frequently asked Questions


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      Beard transplant in Turkey

      Our Team

      Our medical team has been performing hair surgeries with the FUE method since 2015 in Istanbul. He has over 12 years of hospital experience and 10 years of clinical experience.
      All members have participated in numerous training courses and congresses in general plastic surgery and follicular transplantation.

      Experts in FAST FUE technique Rev. They have achieved the best results in Europe in recent years.

      Our Guide to Hair Transplant in Istanbul



      Am I a candidate for the hair implant?

      The main question before performing a hair transplant is whether or not we are candidates for such an operation.

      For this, a free diagnosis is carried out beforehand with the surgeon of the clinic. This must take into account several parameters in order to determine the feasibility of the operation and the number of follicles that will be necessary to obtain a good result. It is extremely important that the clinic be honest about the estimate made. A patient who does not have enough density in the donor area can never claim a good result but can start with hair treatments that can benefit him.

      We recommend that you make estimates at several different clinics and compare them. The estimate must be serious and complete with content with precise information.

      Age range is also an important factor. If the patient is too young (20-22 years old), the nature of alopecia should be determined. Unless one who simply wishes to cover natural hair loss and therefore has no pathology, he should be aware that in this age group hair transplantation in Turkey is not necessarily the most appropriate solution.

      Finally, the patient’s illnesses or allergies must also be taken into account. Some diseases can be a hindrance to hair surgery, so it is important that the clinic is duly informed of any pathology of the patient. The same applies to certain allergies, for example to latex.


      Where to perform a hair transplant in Turkey?

      In Turkey, there are many clinics that offer several offers. From all-inclusive stays to personalized offers. Given the growing number of clinics in Istanbul, it is difficult for a patient to calmly make his choice and therefore several parameters must be taken into account.

      The first thing to consider is the doctor’s experience in the clinic and the results he has achieved over the years. You can do this by checking out the clinic’s results section or gallery (on the website or their instagram profile, for example) or ask them directly to provide you with their most recent results. Try comparing cases similar to yours to get an idea of ​​the potential outcome. Once the clinic has contacted you, assess the seriousness and professionalism of their response as well as their availability.

      Do not hesitate to ask for photos of their installations and to ask them multiple questions such as, what techniques are used for my intervention in Turkey? How does the surgeon work ect…

      Also look at the comments of other patients who have already had a transplant with them. The clinic must be as transparent and available as possible because once the transplant has been performed, it is important to carry out a serious and regular follow-up. The reviews provided to you by the hair center are also important, they should properly inform you about the hair transplant procedure in Turkey. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:



      How to do a hair transplant in Turkey?

      First of all, it is essential to request an estimate because each case of alopecia is different and depending on your profile, the surgeon will make a relevant assessment. For example, in the case of a hair transplant for a woman, or a beard implant, the parameters are not the same as for a man.

      Once this step has been completed, the clinic will help you organize your stay by guiding you through the process and providing you with all the necessary documents. The information provided must be clear and the consulting team must be available at all times. Once you have booked your stay, you must wait for the day of the procedure. On your arrival, the clinic will take care of everything until your departure.

      The intervention of the hair transplant must be carried out according to a precise scheme: Preoperative – extraction of the follicles – opening of the channels and implantation (according to the technique). Once the operation is performed, the clinic will inform you of the entire postoperative process and provide you with the necessary tools so that you can carry out your follow-up remotely.


      What is the cost of a transplant in Turkey?

      The cost of hair surgery in Turkey can vary from clinic to clinic. Several criteria can be at the origin of such a difference:

      • The quality of service.
      • The Surgeon’s Experience.
      • The techniques used

      As we mentioned earlier, the experience of the doctor is one of the main keys to the success of the procedure. Some clinics can offer extremely attractive prices, but it is important to be well informed about their medical equipment because 99% of the time the operation is carried out by caregivers who have no experience and can cause irreversible damage. Keep in mind that this is a surgical procedure, a qualified anesthetist must be present and a suitably trained surgeon must perform and supervise the operation.

      The quality of the service must also be irreproachable, of the transport (punctual, private and good). The accommodation must be comfortable and an experienced translator must ensure good communication with the team. If these criteria are not met, the stay can quickly become very unpleasant for the patients.

      Finally, the techniques used also justify the price, for example, the equipment used must be new and modern equipment. For the intervention, in the case of FUE Sapphire, a punch is used and in the case of the DHI technique, an implantation stylet is used. Good hardware involves a cost that will affect the total amount of the operation.

      Thus, the cost of an operation with a quality service and ensuring natural and permanent results is €1,500 – €1,700.

      Clinics that offer transplants from €1,200 can in no way provide a good service and can compromise your health and aesthetic appearance.

      More than 2000 satisfied patients

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