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Plan your hair transplant trip to Turkey with HairBack Clinic.

We accompany you from the beginning to the end of your hair transplant in Istanbul.

The stages of your hair transplant trip to Turkey


Arrival at the airport

Arrival Airport Turkey Hair Transplant

When you arrive at the airport, your personal driver will meet you and accompany you to our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul for the blood test.

We offer all transfers with private transport and luxury vehicles.


Blood test

Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Once the driver has dropped you off at our hair transplant clinic, one of our nurses will take care of you. After collecting your personal information, you will need to complete a health form, and we will do a blood test.

This is essential to ensure that no pathology can interfere with the success of the hair transplant in Istanbul.



Alojamiento Trasplante capilar

Once your blood work has been taken, your driver will take you to your hotel for your first night’s rest. 5 * hotel with all the services at your disposal. Enjoy the comfort of resting before the day of your operation.

With breakfast included, take the opportunity to have a snack in the morning before your hair transplant in Istanbul procedure.


Pre- operative

Hair transplant in Turkey

Your driver will meet you at the reception of your hotel before taking you to the hair transplant clinic in Istanbul for your pre-operative consultation. This is a very important step where our hair transplant surgeon will review your hairline before designing and planning your surgery.

He will contact you through the translator to determine if you have any special requests.


Hair transplant

DHI technique

The hair transplant surgeon accompanied by his team, will perform the hair transplant in Istanbul by following his steps and using the technique recommended for your case. We will mark a break during which a hot meal will be served to you, and you can enjoy a rest.

Once the hair transplant procedure is over, we will protect the donor area and give you instructions for your first night.



Arrival Airport Turkey Hair Transplant

On the 3rd day, your driver will pick you up at the hotel to take you back to the hair transplant clinic in Istanbul for your post-operative consultation, during which, very importantly, we will give you a packet of medicine, as well as a shaper and a lotion. He will give you precise instructions (with the delivery of documents) that you must follow scrupulously during the postoperative period.

A follow-up will also be carried out by our advisers who you can contact at any time.



Back Hair Transplant Turkey

Once the postoperative consultation of your hair transplant in Istanbul is completed, you are free to come back. Based on your return flight information, our driver will take you to the terminal.

You will need to check in checked baggage on your return flight in order to be able to travel with the products that will be provided to you at the hair transplant clinic.

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