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Before Hair Transplant in Turkey

A pre-op guide to prepare you for the surgery.

What steps are taken before hair transplant in Turkey?

First of all, during the initial contact to proceed with a hair transplant, our surgeon will conduct a preliminary study of your case to assess whether you are a candidate for a hair implant, determine the technique to be used, and plan your business strategy.

If you are prone to allergies or suffer from any illness, it is your responsibility to notify your chosen hair transplant clinic in Turkey. For this purpose, a form will be provided to you and must be duly completed.

The following points need to be detailed:

  • When did your alopecia start?
  • Has hair loss accelerated recently?
  • What treatments have you used for hair loss?
  • Do you have any known illnesses or allergies, and what treatment and/or medication have you taken for them?
  • What are your expectations regarding the results and density of the hair transplant?

What are the factors the hair transplant surgeon's examination takes into account?

  1. Areas prone to hair loss and their extent: Identifying which specific areas of the scalp are more susceptible to hair loss and determining the severity of the condition.
  2. Thickness and type of patient’s hair: Assessing the thickness and characteristics of the patient’s existing hair, such as its texture, curl pattern, and overall quality.
  3. Type of alopecia and implantation: Considering the specific type of alopecia the patient is experiencing, such as androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata, and determining the appropriate approach for hair implantation based on the condition.
  4. Density of the occipital zone (donor zone): Evaluating the density of hair in the occipital zone, which serves as the donor area for hair transplantation, and assessing the quality and suitability of the hair follicles in that region.

Based on these crucial criteria, the hair transplant doctor will make a comprehensive assessment and estimation to determine the most suitable course of action for the patient’s hair restoration treatment.

What are the instructions to follow for preparation before a hair transplant in Turkey

Preparing before a hair transplant is crucial for a successful procedure and optimal results. This pre-op guide provides you with improved instructions before a hair transplant, including medication, lifestyle choices, and personal care. Following these preparation guidelines before hair transplant enhances the chances of a successful transplant and promotes overall well-being.

  1. Anticoagulants: It is important to discontinue the use of anticoagulants such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and similar medications at least one week before the hair transplant.
  2. Tobacco and Alcohol: Minimise the use of tobacco and alcohol as much as possible for at least five days before the hair transplant.
  3. Shampooing: The day before the transplant, it is recommended to wash your hair with a mild, neutral solution such as baby shampoo.
  4. Hair Length: Avoid cutting your hair for a period of 2-3 weeks before the hair transplant.
  5. Medication: If you are currently undergoing treatment with Minoxidil or Finasteride, it is advisable to stop using these medications two weeks prior to the operation.
  6. Medical Conditions: Patients with hypertension or diabetes should not discontinue their treatment without the agreement of their doctor.
  7. Medication to Avoid: Anti-inflammatories, analgesics (such as aspirin, ibuprofen), and vitamin E should be avoided before the hair transplant procedure.
  8. Clothing: On the day of the hair transplant procedure and during the following week, it is recommended to wear a button-up shirt or any other clothing item that does not need to be pulled over the head.
  9. Substance Use: It is crucial to refrain from consuming psychotropic or narcotic substances for at least two weeks before the transplant, as failure to do so may result in the procedure not being performed.

Please note that these instructions may vary depending on the specific transplant procedure and the advice of your healthcare provider. It is essential to consult with your doctor or hair transplant team for personalised instructions tailored to your situation.

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