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DHI Hair transplant


DHI hair transplant

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What is the DHI technique?

The DHI hair transplant technique, or Direct Hair Implantation, is an implantation technique in Turkey that allows the follicle to be inserted directly into the recipient area while having full control over the depth, angle, and position of the follicle.

This hair transplant technique is less invasive because it does not involve making incisions beforehand, and the hair is parted for less time.

The DHI hair transplant technique is one of the latest advancements in the hair transplant world. To achieve it, we use an implanter pen or a choi pen, it is an implantation styler that allows the follicle to be implanted directly on the scalp.

It is important that an experienced professional performs this operation. At HairbackClinic in Turkey, we have a team specially trained for this type of transplant.

DHI technique

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Over the years, the DHI hair transplant technique has established itself in the field of hair transplantation, giving incredible results in Turkey in the case of diffuse alopecia.

    Over the years, the DHI technique has established itself in the field of hair transplantation, giving incredible results in Turkey in the case of diffuse alopecia.

    The DHI Hair Transplant technique

    Benefits of a DHI Hair Transplant

    Compared to other techniques, the DHI hair transplant method has very beneficial advantages for the patient.

    These advantages are numerous, from the postoperative period to the precision of the graft. Obviously, it must be taken into account that not all patients are necessarily candidates for hair transplantation with DHI.

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    Not aggressive

    One of the strengths to remember about this hair transplant technique is its minimally invasive aspect for the human body. Fast and effective, it allows the patient to recover faster after the operation.

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    This is the most precise implantation technique currently available. Thanks to the CHOI Implanter or the implant stylet, the depth, angle and position of the follicle are fully controlled.

    More density

    Thanks to the precision of this technique and to scientific advances, it is possible to implant more follicles placed next to the existing hair, and this therefore makes it possible to maintain a higher density.

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    DHI Hair Transplant Method

    The operation

    How does DHI hair transplant work in Turkey?

    There are many advantages to performing a hair transplant with the DHI technique. Today, patients are more and more interested in this technique. Indeed, this cell is innovative and has many advantages.


    Thanks to our implantation pencils specially designed for a perfect transplant, we can perform hair transplants with 100% control over the implantation, the depth of the follicle, its angle of position, its depth, etc…

    This revolutionary method will bring 100% natural results, with optimal graft growth and significant volume.

    The follicle is removed and immediately placed in the Choi Implanter to be inserted into the hair tissue. In this way, the follicles do not stay outside the scalp for long and thus increase their chances of survival.

    What is the recovery time with the DHI hair transplant technique?

    The DHI hair transplant method is a minimally invasive technique for the patient.

    In fact, no incision is needed before implantation and therefore no scarring or heavy bleeding occurs. After a transplant operation of this type, our patients can return to their usual routine in just 3 days. This is one of the biggest advantages of this hair transplant technique in Turkey.

    Patient profile

    Am I a candidate for the DHI hair transplant technique?

    Unfortunately, not all patients are ideal candidates for this hair transplant procedure. In fact, prior consultation will be necessary since this hair transplant method is designed for cases where the hair is thin and straight. Otherwise, such as in patients with thick or curly hair, implantation by choice of implant is very difficult and can compromise the final result.

    This is why we cannot repeat it enough. It is important that the hair transplant clinic in Turkey does a serious job during the pre-operative consultation in order to determine which technique is the most suitable for your hair transplant in Turkey. Before making a decision, consider this information.

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    What is the price of the DHI hair transplant technique?

    The price of a DHI hair transplant in Turkey may vary from clinic to clinic. But it is already necessary to take into account the experience of the professional who operates with this technique. A technique as careful and precise as the DHI method and a competent medical professional are determining factors in the price of a successful hair transplant in Turkey.

    Obviously, depending on the amount of follicle the patient needs, the price may vary on certain occasions, and other parameters must also be taken into account, such as the patient’s alopecia stage and hair type.

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