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Hair transplant in Turkey : techniques and prices

Léa Prague on May 28, 2024 0 Comments

Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey: techniques and prices and why choose HairBack Clinic

Hair loss can be a worrying problem for many people, but fortunately, hair transplantation is an effective solution to regaining thick, natural hair. Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for hair transplants due to its specialized clinics and competitive costs. In this article, we will explore the different hair transplant techniques used in Turkey along with the associated prices and the best option for hair transplant in Turkey with HairBack Clinic.


Hair transplant in Turkey – Techniques

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant

FUE technique is one of the most popular and advanced techniques used in Turkey. It involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area, usually at the back of the head, and transplanting them into bald or sparse areas. FUE offers natural results, faster recovery and minimal scarring, making it a common choice for many patients.

Follicular implantation with the FUE Saphir technique

Another hair transplant technique that has gained popularity in Turkey is the FUE Saphir technique. This is an evolution of the FUE technique which uses sapphire blades to create the incisions in the recipient areas. Sapphire blades are renowned for their precision and ability to create finer incisions, which allows for better implantation of hair follicles and promotes faster recovery. This technique also reduces the risk of scarring, infection and bleeding. The Saphir FUE technique offers natural and satisfying results, and many clinics in Turkey, including HairBack Clinic, have adopted it to provide an enhanced experience for their patients. With the combination of FUE Saphir technique and cutting-edge medical expertise, patients can benefit from high-quality aesthetic results during their hair transplant in Turkey.

Follicular implantation with the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique

The DHI technique is a variation of FUE, where hair follicles are extracted one by one using a specialized tool and are immediately implanted in the recipient areas without the need to create channels first, thanks to a tool called Choi Pen. This method allows for greater precision in follicle implantation and reduces the survival time of grafts outside the body, thus providing faster results and recovery.


Hair transplant in Turkey – Prices

Hair transplant prices in Turkey vary depending on several factors, such as the technique used, the number of grafts needed and the reputation of the clinic. In general, prices in Turkey are more affordable compared to other Western countries, which explains the destination’s growing popularity. Costs can vary from approximately €2000 to €2500 , depending on the complexity of the procedure. It is important to research and compare prices and packages offered by different clinics to find an option that fits your budget and expectations.


hair transplant in turkey

Why choose HairBack Clinic for Hair Transplant in Turkey

Among the many hair transplant clinics in Turkey, HairBack Clinic stands out as the preferred option for many patients. Here are some reasons why HairBack Clinic is considered the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey:

Expertise and experience

HairBack Clinic has a highly qualified and experienced medical team of hair specialists in advanced hair transplant techniques. Their expertise ensures high-quality results and a safe patient experience.

Cutting-edge techniques

HairBack Clinic uses the most advanced hair transplant techniques including FUE and DHI. They are at the forefront of innovation in the field of hair restoration, delivering natural and long-lasting results .

First class facility

The clinic is equipped with modern facilities and cutting-edge technologies, creating a comfortable and safe environment for patients. Hygiene and safety are top priorities at HairBack Clinic.

Positive patient testimonials

Many satisfied patients have shared their positive experiences with HairBack Clinic, praising the exceptional results and professionalism of the medical team. Patient testimonials are a reliable indicator of the quality of services offered.


Conclusion, Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey has become a top destination for hair transplants due to its advanced techniques, competitive prices and the reputation of its specialized clinics. HairBack Clinic stands out as the best option for those seeking high-quality results, medical expertise and a positive experience. When making a decision about hair transplantation in Turkey, it is essential to do thorough research, review patient testimonials and choose a reputable clinic like HairBack Clinic to achieve the best aesthetic results and restore self-confidence .



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