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VITHAIR KIT after hair transplant care


VITHAIR KIT After Hair Transplant Care - Hair Restoration Turkey

Our VitHair Kit - Hair Transplant Optimisation

Hair Care After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant restores hair density in areas affected by alopecia. However, it is crucial to ensure proper growth of the follicles and optimize the health of the scalp with suitable products and treatments.

For this reason, at HairBack Clinic, we offer a comprehensive kit to support you during the postoperative period. The VitHair kit is designed to provide assistance after your hair transplant in Turkey.

The VitHair Kit functions on multiple levels. It significantly reduces hair loss, making it more resistant. Additionally, it enhances hair density by directly targeting the hair follicle’s root. The kit includes serum, shampoo, vitamins, and mesotherapy, which will be your best allies six months after the hair transplant.

Our VitHair Kit - Hair Transplant Optimisation

Hair Transplant
Postoperative Care

The ViTHair Kit can be used for 6 months after the transplant. It consists of 2 shampoos and 2 serums that will allow you to ensure the best possible hair cleanings.

Additionally, the package includes 2 bottles of vitamins, which provide nourishment to the follicles and greatly strengthen them.

Moreover, you will receive mesotherapy bottles and a Dermaroller to apply the solution to your scalp. Mesotherapy is highly effective in strengthening hair follicles and increasing hair density.

VITHAIR KIT After Hair Transplant Care - Hair Transplant in Istanbul


Our VitHair
Postoperative Package

€250 - 6 months

2 shampoos

2 serums

2 bottles of vitamins

4 bottles of mesotherapy

1 dermaroller

    V100ML Shampoo VITHAIR KIT After Hair Transplant Care Turkey

    Shampoo 100ML

    Make your hair transplant more efficient.


    Vithair shampoo, created with natural extracts, has an extremely cleansing effect on hair strands and the scalp. It nourishes hair from root to tip with its natural plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and cleansing active ingredients, making hair strands more vibrant, shinier, and thicker. When used regularly, it helps prevent hair loss. The inclusion of ‘Procapil’ in its content prevents the formation of substances harmful to the root by reducing the production of the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is the main cause of hair loss.

    This way, its effectiveness does not diminish over time. The shampoo contains biotin, which is essential for hair growth. Biotin improves hair quality, increases the diameter of the hair fiber and growth rate, and prolongs the anagen phase, resulting in healthier and stronger hair. It is particularly recommended for use after hair transplantation to help the transplanted hair grow healthily and become stronger.

    Vithair shampoo also helps prevent hair loss and contains a natural protective system. It is formulated with only beneficial components for hair and scalp, effectively renewing hair and revitalizing follicles. It increases hair density and provides excellent results after hair transplantation without the use of parabens and alcohol.

    Spray Serum VITHAIR KIT After Hair Transplant Care Turkey

    Fortifying Spray 50 ML

    Fight DHT.


    Vithair serum, when used after a hair transplant, accelerates the enlargement and growth of transplanted roots, making it the best method to optimize their formation. It stimulates hair tissue by increasing blood flow beneath the scalp.

    As the blood circulation around the roots increases, the hair follicles receive nourishment and enter the growth phase. Thanks to the peptide complex, it strengthens weak hair strands. The serum nourishes the hair follicles with its rich herbal extracts and activates the follicles, promoting faster hair growth.

    It increases the rate of hair growth, enhances the diameter of the hair strands, and prevents breakage, thereby improving hair quality. Scientific evidence supports its ability to increase hair shine. Additionally, it reduces hair loss and prevents the formation of DHT, which is the leading cause of hair loss in men.

    The serum prevents DHT from reaching the roots after hair transplantation. DHT (a male hormone) can continue to damage the hair follicles in the future. Even when you stop using the product, the optimal protection against DHT damage persists because the active ingredient forms a collagen barrier around the roots, preventing potential damage. It is recommended to apply the serum for 2 to 3 weeks.

    To apply, spray 5 sprays (1 ml) to the transplanted area twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. There is no need to wash your hair before or after applying the serum. However, if you prefer to wash your hair after application, you can do so. The serum can be washed off after half an hour.

    Vitamines VITHAIR KIT After Hair Transplant Care Turkey

    60 VitHair capsules

    Vitamins against hair loss.


    Vithair hair vitamins not only slow down hair loss in men and women but also help ensure the growth of new hair follicles. By improving blood circulation in the scalp after a hair transplant, it assists in better nourishment of the transplanted hair follicles and enhances the quality of the growing hair.

    Usage: It is recommended to take two tablets a day—one in the morning and one in the evening—after a full meal.

    Vithair hair vitamins can be used as a complementary treatment following hair transplantation. They should be started 10 days after the hair transplant procedure.

    4 VitHair bottles of mesotherapy

    Hydrates, repairs and strengthens.


    Applying ozone oil to the thinning areas due to alopecia speeds up blood circulation in the same area. This stimulation of hair follicles leads to increased hair production and acceleration.

    Indian oil increases blood circulation, accelerates the healing of hair infections, and revitalizes damaged hair.

    The base oil helps hair growth, provides shine, softness, and vitality. Thanks to its intense hydration, it strengthens the hair, prevents breakage and damage, and smoothens the hair surface, prolonging its lifespan.

    Lemon seed oil eliminates dry hair, accelerates blood circulation in the skin, and makes the hair more lively, lustrous, and energetic.

    Eucalyptus oil is effective against hair loss and dandruff problems.

    Ozonated oil, by inactivating bacteria, stimulates blood circulation and accelerates the healing process of fungal infections (such as tinea barbae).

    It is effective against hair loss and dandruff problems. The ozonized oil eliminates bacteria, stimulates blood circulation, and accelerates the healing process of fungal infections (such as tinea barbae).

    How to use: Gently move the Dermaroller left and right for 5 minutes on a clean scalp (without applying the serum).

    Then, apply 3 to 4 drops of serum by massaging the scalp with your fingers until it is completely absorbed, unless your dermatologist advises otherwise.

    Leave the serum on the scalp for 2 days without rinsing.

    After 2 days, wash the hair and reapply to the cleansed scalp in the same manner. Vithair anti-hair loss serum should be used 1 month after hair transplantation.

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