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After Hair Transplant in Turkey

A post-op aftercare guide to prepare you for the healing phase after the hair transplant surgery.

Postoperative instructions:

After a hair transplant in Turkey, many people think the procedure is over. However, it’s essential to follow postoperative aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and maximise the results. While we can provide you with some general guidelines, it’s crucial to note that every individual may receive specific instructions from their hair transplant surgeon. Therefore, it’s important to consult with your hair transplant surgeon in Turkey for personalised advice. Here are some common postoperative instructions after a hair transplant

What to do the first 3 days after hair transplant?

  • The nurses will place a protective dressing over the donor area at the end of the hair transplant operation. It is essential that the grafted area does not come into contact with anything, as it will be exposed.
  • On the first night after hair transplant, we will explain how to sleep to avoid swelling (or oedema) of the eyebrows. You should sleep at a 45-degree angle on your back. Additionally, make sure that the recipient area does not touch anything, including the pillow.
  • The following day after hair transplant, during the postoperative period, our team will carefully remove the dressing from the donor area.
  • We will provide you with the necessary postoperative aftercare medication, as well as lotion and shampoo, so that you can properly care for the transplanted area after the hair transplant surgery.
  • It is important to abstain from all sexual activity for a period of 2 weeks.
  • You can resume sports and physical activities 3 weeks after the hair transplant.

How to wash the hair after hair transplant?

Washing the hair is essential for the progress of the hair transplant. It prevents scabs from forming permanently around the follicles on the scalp and causes the grafts to fall out.

You can start washing your hair from the 3rd day after the hair transplant operation.

Hair cleaning should be done as follows:

  • First, apply the lotion to the entire recipient area and leave it for 45 minutes to allow it to penetrate the scalp.
  • Then, without removing the lotion, apply the neutral shampoo to the receiving area.
  • To finish washing your hair, use lukewarm water at low pressure.
  • This process should be repeated once a day.
  • At the end of the 5th day after the hair transplant, you can start massaging with your fingers to help the scabs fall off. By the end of the eighth day, you can increase the pressure of the massage.

By day ten after hair transplant, the clotted blood and scabs should be gone. If there are still scabs on your scalp, wait for them to fall off on their own.

After 14 days, you can start washing your hair normally with a neutral shampoo. During the first month, avoid exposing your scalp to the sun and refrain from swimming in the sea or pool.

When can I see the result after hair transplant?

During the first two months, all the transplanted follicles will fall out. Don’t panic; this is a normal process known as “Shock Loss.”

The actual phase of hair growth will begin in the third month after the hair transplant. Like all human beings, the hair will grow between 1 and 2 cm per month. Although the new hair may initially appear thin and weak, it will gradually become as thick and strong as the rest. It is important to wait for two months after the hair transplant before considering cutting the hair in the donor area.

The final result will become apparent between 8 and 12 months.

Complementary medical treatment after hair transplant in Turkey

Even though hair transplantation in Turkey provides permanent results, it is possible to experience a loss of density in an untreated area that still contains original hair susceptible to alopecia.

To address this issue, you can choose to follow a treatment that slows down hair loss and even strengthens the existing hair. Alternatively, you can wait before considering a second hair transplant operation.

In such cases, your hair transplant surgeon in Turkey will likely recommend using Minoxidil 5% Spray. If you have used it in the past, you should wait for two weeks before trying it again.

In other situations, you may be advised to start treatment with Dutasteride 0.5 mg.

Your hair transplant surgeon should provide recommendations for these treatments, and it is crucial to take them into account.

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