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Pollution and hair loss: can this be linked?

Léa Prague on June 7, 2023 0 Comments • Tags: #hairloss #pollution

Alopecia – Pollution and hair loss: According to a study conducted by South Korean researchers, air pollution could indeed be linked to hair loss. After laboratory experiments, a decrease in certain proteins responsible for hair growth was observed after exposure to fine particles in the air.

What is air pollution ?

pollution hair loss

The quality of the air that we breathe and that surrounds us is deteriorated by pollutants that can be of natural or human origin. The pollution present in the air can have negative effects on the environment but also on health (breathing, skin, hair, etc.).

Natural pollution comes from volcanic eruptions, natural fires, sandstorms, etc.

Humans, on the other hand, contribute greatly to air pollution due to industries, polluting means of transport (car, plane, etc.), agriculture, etc.

All of these things are the source of polluting particles and gas emissions in our atmosphere.

What is hair loss ?

Hair loss can come from different factors can manifest in different ways. Most often, in men, hair loss or alopecia is of genetic origin. Due to hormonal effects that accelerate the hair cycle.

In women, hair loss can be due to hormonal imbalance or thyroid problems, or even due to stress, fatigue, following pregnancy, etc…

Pollution and hair loss – What impact does pollution have on hair loss?

In 2019, during a congress in Madrid, a team of professionals in dermatology highlighted that air pollution could be linked to hair loss, both in men and in women.

It is no longer refutable today that pollution can cause certain serious diseases or cancers. However, the link between pollution and hair loss still deserves some more in-depth research.

However, it has been well recognized that pollution can have a detrimental effect on the dermal cells of the scalp, which are responsible for good hair growth. Pollution is therefore not the direct cause of hair loss. But pollution can therefore contribute to hair loss, or male or female alopecia.

Pollution and hair loss – why?

To come to this conclusion, researchers from the “Future Science Research Center” research center experimented with exposing cells of the scalp to fine polluting particles, present in the air.

And it turned out that the level of Catenin, which is a protein responsible for the development and good growth of hair, drops considerably when in contact with fine particles PM10 (less than 10 micrometers) and Diesel particles in particular.

The proteins Cyclin D1, Cyclin E and CDK2, which are also responsible for healthy capillary development, are also impacted by pollution.

These experiments have so far only been carried out in the laboratory. It would therefore be interesting, in order to be able to confirm the thesis that pollution and hair loss are linked, to carry out this research on real cases.

What solutions so that pollution does not have an impact on hair loss?

Hair pollution does not only come from the quality of the air around us, it is important first of all to opt for natural hair products and care. Indeed, some shampoo or hair mask may contain chemical substances, which in the long term, can have a negative effect on the hair. Thanks to the use of products based on natural ingredients, your hair will remain healthy and strong, and the hair fiber will be strengthened.

In order to eliminate the fine particles present in the polluted air, it is important to wash the hair regularly. 2 to 3 shampoos per week will be enough to free the hair fiber from the particles that suffocate it. When shampooing, massage the scalp well, and wash the hair to the ends. The rinsing must be done at an average temperature, so as not to attack the hair. A conditioner can be carried out additionally 1-2 times a week, depending on the type of hair.

Special treatments such as hair masks or stimulating products can also effectively fight against hair loss.

Solution to alopecia, or hair loss.

If, however, despite all your efforts to protect your hair and slow down its loss, this remains a problem for you, know that a hair transplant can be the definitive solution to your problem.

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