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Best Hair Transplant For Women in Turkey

A little-known problem in society

Hair transplant for women in Turkey

Today the figures announce that one in four women suffers from alopecia.

However, this problem exists. It can be characterized by direct hair loss or hair thinning.

At HairBack Clinic, we offer a viable solution, a hair transplant for women in Istanbul to combat female alopecia.

This problem can be caused by many factors, although there are usually hormonal imbalances or genetic causes.

In general, the first consequences are the loss of density and the creation of scattered areas.

Many hair transplant clinics offer treatment for male alopecia. At HairBack Clinic, we treat both types of alopecia.

Although hair transplantation is an excellent remedy that can recover certain areas that suffer from hair loss, other treatments can increase hair density without having to undergo surgery.

Mesotherapy for hair loss

How is female alopecia measured?

Ludwig's classification

As in men, there is also a schematisation of baldness in women called the Ludwig classification. This classification has only 4 stages (against 7 in men according to the Hamilton scale) because female androgenic alopecia, which includes more than 95% of cases of female baldness, is illustrated in 4 forms of severity. Today there are about 2 million women affected by this problem

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Hair transplant for women
in Turkey

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Hair transplant for women in Turkey (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most advanced follicular unit extraction technique, proving to be the best option over the past 15 years due to its excellent results.

    Female alopecia

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