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Grafts loss after hair transplant, is it normal ?

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grafts loss after hair transplant

Do you notice a fall of the grafts after a hair transplant? Grafts loss after hair transplant, is it normal ? Hair loss after hair transplant is almost certain in the days and weeks immediately following a hair transplant procedure.

Whether it is a slight loss of the transplanted hair or a significant loss of the grafts, we will see together why the transplanted hair falls out after the operation.

Grafts loss after a transplant is one of the main concerns for patients who have undergone hair surgery. Indeed, it is possible to observe a fall of the grafts after a hair transplant. However, it is difficult to know if the hair loss is normal or if it is the result of a failed hair transplant.
Also, discover our complete guide on the evolution of a hair transplant during the first days after the operation, in order to have all the necessary information on a successful hair transplant.

The fall of the grafts after an operation is a good omen because the follicles, recently implanted, have resumed their growth cycle. Remember that hair has different phases of growth and the loss of transplanted hair respects the renewal cycle.

The evolution of the hair implant 1 month after a hair transplant

During the first month, the patient will go through several phases necessary for proper healing of the scalp. If there is anything that may be worrying the patient, know that the clinic will always be there to support you every step of the way to perform the transplant.

Although hair transplantation is a light surgical operation, it is still quite heavy on the scalp.

Overview on the postoperative phases of the scalp during the first month

  • Appearance of redness on the skull.
  • Appearance of scabs after the operation.
  • Falling of grafts / Grafts loss after hair transplant.

Therefore, hair loss after hair transplantation is a normal phenomenon. So there is nothing to fear !

Recommendations to fight against the loss of the grafts

If the choice of the technique used for the hair transplant is essential to ensure a better survival rate of the graft, the respect of the postoperative instructions is even more so. Once the hair transplant operation has been performed, it is essential to follow your surgeon’s recommendations to the letter. The latter aim to protect the grafted and donor areas as much as possible to promote the survival of the grafts. They are not very numerous. It is true that they can be a little restrictive the first days after the operation, however, they become easier to apply over time.

Postoperative recommendations for a hair transplant

grafts loss after hair transplant
– Avoid touching the grafts in the first days after hair transplantation
– Avoid sudden head movements.
– Avoid exposing your head to the sun
– Avoid using the hair dryer for the first week.
– Avoid sport for the first 2 weeks.
– Avoid the steam room and sauna for at least two weeks after the transplant.

Following your doctor’s advice helps the grafts stay healthy and grow back well.

In addition, promote the growth of new hair with a course of food supplements rich in vitamins and minerals!

Important Points to Remember About grafts Loss After Hair Transplant

In conclusion, postoperative hair loss is a concern for many patients. However, the fallout of the grafts after a hair transplant is a sign of success.

During the first month, the scalp will go through several phases of healing and loss of the graft is one of them. Indeed, the new implanted follicles that fall mean that the hair adapts to the new environment and that it has resumed its growth.

To promote the success rate of the transplant and finally obtain the expected result, it is more than necessary to apply the surgeon’s recommendations to the letter. In case of abnormal effects or significant pain, do not hesitate to contact the clinic.

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