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Our 5 tips for healthy and strong hair

Léa Prague on February 17, 2023 0 Comments • Tags: #healthyhair #stronghair

healthy and strong hair HairBack Clinic

Do you want to have healthy and strong hair? then continue reading…

There is no secret, beautiful hair is maintained with the right products. The heat of the hair dryer or straightener, the sun, limescale, bad eating habits, lack of care… can quickly damage the hair. Whether to treat, repair and/or protect, here are our 5 tips for having and maintaining strong and healthy hair.

Check the ingredients of the products you use

Are you tired of walking around the supermarket for hours without knowing which product to choose? Identify your needs (don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser) and look at the ingredients of the products. The must to have healthy and strong hair: a formula enriched with proteins and a few moisturizing elements. And stay away from collagen-based shampoos, conditioners and treatments of all kinds. Not only will they make your roots oily, but they can weigh down your dreamy mane.

For healthy and strong hair – Use dry shampoo sparingly

After the gym or as a touch-up before going dancing… we love it. Practical, it slips easily into our bag and works wonders. And logically we use it all the time. The problem is that over time, dry shampoo can leave residue on the scalp and cause a buildup of “dandruff”, inflammation and itching. To avoid disaster, and to keep healthy and strong hair, we’re sticking to our old shampoo and only using dry shampoo in emergencies (or delays).

Wash your hair properly

If you’re just lathering up your shampoo and rinsing it out quickly, you’re doing it wrong. Whatever the frequency of your shampoos, nothing like a good hair and scalp massage to deeply eliminate any trace of seborrhea that has dared to sneak in. Seborrhea is the medical name given to dandruff, which often results in redness, itching… And the worst: hair loss.

So for healthy and strong hair : take an extra 5 minutes in the shower and your scalp will thank you, we promise.


An essential step to remove dirt and contaminating particles! Our pro’s technique: Brush 25 sideways strokes from the right ear to the left ear. Then 25 from the left ear to the right. Then, head forward, 25 strokes from the neck to the tips. Finally, always 25 strokes with the head raised from root to tip. In total: 100 brush strokes morning and evening! Brushing is the first step in hair care. In the morning, it adds volume and shine. In the evening, it eliminates dust and pollen that dull the hair fiber overnight.

Have a healthy and varied diet

healthy and strong hair

Consider including vegetables rich in iron and vitamin C in your diet to strengthen your hair. Red fruits such as strawberries and raspberries also have many virtues for having perfect hair. We also think of banana, mango or kiwi, all rich in protein, without forgetting to add delicious and creamy Greek yogurts for dessert, which can also be used as a hair mask, to bring them the shine.

At HairBack Clinic, we can’t recommend enough to eat well in order – among other things – to have healthy and strong hair.



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