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Hair transplant personalized diagnosis, for free

Léa Prague on November 27, 2022 0 Comments • Tags: #freediagnosis #hairtransplant

Hair transplant personalized diagnosis

How to get your free Hair transplant personalized diagnosis:

Hair transplant personalized diagnosis – In order to know the possible number of grafts for your hair transplant, it is important to first request a personalized diagnosis.

For an operation in Turkey, it is often complicated to travel there before the operation.
This is why you can request your personalized diagnosis online, for free.

Your request can be made by email:, WhatsApp: +33 7 87 20 85 56 or using our online form:

To receive your diagnosis made by our specialized surgeon, you will need to attach 5 photos of your head, from several angles of view:

  • 1 front picture
  • 2 side photos (1 on each side)
  • 1 photo from above
  • 1 photo of the back of your head

It is very important that the photos you send are of good quality (good light, etc.) and, if possible, that they are taken by someone else.

Please also indicate in your request: your surname and first name, your age, your state of health (if known illness), your email address and telephone number.

This diagnosis is free and without obligation. It is necessary to give a first opinion on the feasibility of your hair transplant.

You can also ask us all your questions, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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