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The Dangers Of A Cheap Hair Transplant

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The Dangers Of A Cheap Hair Transplant

Do you know the dangers of a cheap hair transplant? In this article, we will tell you about the risks of cheap hair transplants and what important things to check before making your choice of the clinic that will perform your hair transplant. 

When hair loss becomes complex, it can be very tempting to opt for a cheap hair transplant and forget about the importance of this procedure and the key points that ensure a good result and proper healing, such as the experience and qualifications of the professionals, the techniques used, the cleanliness of the clinic, operating room, and surgical equipment (the equipment used must be disposable or sterilised before each procedure). 

It should be noted that an overly enticing price often hides poor service quality and a lack of professionalism.

Therefore, a cheap hair transplant runs the risk of being of poor quality, and there may be no post-operative follow-up (this follow-up is essential to ensure a good evolution of the hair transplant and is vital in case of questions or doubts about post-operative care).

Avoiding The Dangers Of A Cheap Hair Transplant

BEWARE of falling into the trap of overly tempting cheap hair transplant offers. The consequences of an uncontrolled procedure and a lack of post-operative follow-up can be irreversible, with severe implications for the condition of your scalp, such as infections, necrosis, scars, and future hair regrowth. In addition, in the case of an uncontrolled hair transplant, the implanted grafts may never grow, or the regrowth may be unnatural and, therefore, unattractive.

Furthermore, the economic investment should be considered in the long term. For example, a failed hair transplant, which will need to be repaired later on, can cost much more than a more expensive service initially, but with a quality result and long-lasting professional follow-up.

What is the average price for quality hair implants?

The average price for quality hair implants in euros can vary depending on the same factors mentioned earlier. While the specific cost may vary across different countries and clinics.

On average, hair transplant procedures can cost between €3,500 and €12,000 or more. This range includes the hair transplant surgeon’s fees, anaesthesia, facility fees, and post-operative care. However, it’s important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary significantly based on the factors mentioned earlier.

Important points to check before choosing the hair transplant clinic


Hair transplant procedure

A cosmetic surgery that requires good preoperative skills, quality equipment to perform advanced techniques, an operating room that meets hygiene standards, and a specialised surgeon and qualified and experienced staff. Therefore, the hair transplant procedure and the additional services are expensive, and the package offered should be sold reasonably.


The preoperative diagnosis

It should be personalised and detailed. Suppose the quote is made remotely (which often happens for procedures performed in Turkey). In that case, the hair transplant clinic should provide you with a precise diagnosis related to your type of alopecia (each case should be examined individually). This should inform you about the total number of grafts you need, their distribution, the technique to be performed in your case, the price, and what is included (for all-inclusive prices, transportation and hotel are often handled by the clinic to facilitate your stay in Istanbul).


Hair implantation technique

In the diagnosis above, the indicated hair transplant technique should be tailored to your case. It should be noted that each case is unique, and the method can vary from patient to patient. There is no inherently better technique than another, but each method has a specific role.

For example, the FUE Sapphire technique is often recommended for extensive baldness or restoration of the frontal hairline. The DHI technique is recommended for treating diffuse alopecia or performing a non-shaved hair transplant. The two techniques can sometimes be combined during the same hair transplant session.


Hygiene of the premises and operating room

It is essential that the procedure is performed in a clean environment and that strict hygiene standards are followed. The hair transplant clinic should be located within a medical centre or hospital and offer a proper operating room with the necessary staff for the procedure (anesthesiologist, surgeon, nurses, transplant technicians, etc.). It would help if you were uncompromising regarding your health in these matters.


Qualifications and skills of the surgeon and their team

It is crucial to verify in advance that the assigned surgeon specializes in hair loss and hair treatments, as well as each team member. Technicians can perform hair transplants, but they must be qualified, experienced, and exclusively work for the respective clinic. It is usual for the surgeon to have a specialized and trained team to perform the extraction and implantation.

HairBack Clinic guarantees a successful hair transplant

Our surgeon and their team have been chosen, considering all the essential points detailed in this article. Our end of honor is to provide personalized operations, services, and follow-up to satisfy all our patients and ensure the best results. Our equipment is at the forefront of technology, and we welcome you to our modern premises that comply with all health and safety standards, located in one of the largest medical centers in Istanbul.

At HairBack Clinic, we provide accurate and personalized diagnoses before each operation. An initial diagnosis is made remotely, and a second diagnosis is performed in person at our clinic before the procedure. This allows us to understand your expectations better and respond favorably to them.

Our packages are comprehensive to facilitate your stay, and our prices are fixed and transparent. Therefore, no hidden costs allow you to calculate your budget accurately. If you have any questions or would like to receive your pre-diagnosis, please get in touch with us directly by phone or email.

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