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Will Smith slaps Chris Rock for mocking his wife’s alopecia

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Will Smith slaps Chris Rock for mocking his wife's alopecia


A joke that goes very wrong, Will Smith brutally slaps Chris Rock.

We all know that alopecia is certainly not a subject with which it is good to joke. it is however for what this to try the humorist who one does not present any more: Chris Rock, at the time of the ceremony of the Oscars.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock:

It all started with a series of jokes about the haircut of Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who had mentioned several times in interviews that she suffered from alopecia and therefore progressive hair loss. A difficult fight for a woman of common knowledge, and a little known problem in today’s society.

Indeed, recent studies have shown that more than 30% of women actually suffer from a loss of hair density. A problem most often related to female hormones or sometimes to trauma.

The newspaper The Premium Times says that after slapping the most important figure in American Stand-Up he would have said “don’t say my wife’s name in your fucking mouth”.

If it is true that it is in a humorous context that Chris Rock made fun of Jada Smith’s hair loss, we must not forget that it is a real social problem for some women to see a trauma that affects enormously those who suffer from it.

Female alopecia is not a subject to be taken lightly Mr Rock.

Will Smith apologizes

“Love makes you do crazy things,” the actor reportedly said after receiving his best actor trophy. Chris Rock meanwhile did not wish to file a complaint, so there will be no criminal prosecution.

The actor who was deeply hurt by the humorist’s joke was comforted by one of his relatives Denzel Washington.

The moral of the story: We don’t mess with alopecia!

The video of Will Smith’s slap:

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