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What is the best hair transplant clinic in Barcelona?

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Best Hair Transplant Clinic - best hair transplant clinic in Barcelona


It may be that you are looking for a clinic to get operated in Spain and more precisely in Barcelona. To choose a hair transplant clinic in Barcelona we will have to make sure that the clinic in question is a hair transplant center specialized in hair implants.

You can check which is the best clinic in the COPE ranking:

The best clinics in Barcelona

What we recommend from the outset is not to go to centers that, in addition to performing capillary interventions, are also dedicated to other activities such as aesthetic treatments or plastic reconstruction surgeries, for example. It is always preferable that the center be a specialized clinic in the sector that interests us.

Another parameter that is important to assess is the facilities and infrastructure of the center to which we go. We have to ensure that the hair graft specialists will perform the intervention in the same facilities in which the first consultation was carried out and that also have their own operating rooms in which they perform the hair implants. You have to be very careful when choosing the center since some hair implant technicians usually rent the intervention rooms in hospitals or external clinics.

Although forums are a well-known means of finding out about graft clinics, you should not trust 100% of the opinions that you can find in them. One of the reasons is that many clinics delegate their own employees to invent and publish positive opinions about the hair center in question, in addition to speaking negatively about the competition or other clinics in the sector. Our advice would be to visit several centers and share all your doubts with the specialists you encounter. In this way, helping you with the information that you can find on the web or in this blog, you will be able to form a personal opinion about the different centers visited.

What is the best clinic to perform hair transplant in Barcelona?

A clinic that wants to pretend to perform hair transplants must have experienced staff and facilities that respect regulations and make available operating rooms equipped for hair transplants. In addition to that, you must have a transplant technician, a specialized surgeon, anesthesiologists, and nurses on your team.

When you go to your first consultation it is important that you pay attention to all the details, such as the seriousness of the doctors who attend you, the duration of the consultation (it must be at least 30 minutes). It is important that the clinic shows them the results of similar cases of patients that they have in their history. It is also essential that you ask your medical history to make sure that you do not have any incompatibility with the treatment that is going to be offered.

In that same consultation, the medical team must carry out a study of your case, reviewing your donor area and planning the number of follicles necessary to obtain a natural result. At no time should they pressure you to make an immediate decision, you must have an assigned advisor who will give you the budget and guide you in the next steps if you want to reserve a date for your hair transplant.

How to know which is the best hair transplant clinic in Barcelona?

They should ensure a natural and aesthetic result and a survival of the implanted follicles of at least 95%. In addition to assisting you at all times during your recovery period.

In our blog you can find information of this type about hair transplants in Madrid, Barcelona and Turkey with a lifetime guarantee.

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