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What is Scalp Micropigmentation ?

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scalp micropigmentation

The primary purpose of hair micropigmentation is to mask hair loss, alopecia or even to create a shaved head effect. It is a solution that can be adapted to both men and women. is a solution for men and women.

Hair micropigmentation is a non-invasive process, which consists of tattooing a “hair implantation” on the scalp.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation of the hair, also called tricopigmentation or dermopigmentation, is a non-surgical medical-aesthetic treatment, making it possible to hide the onset of alopecia, baldness, or even to conceal scars.

To do this, a semi-permanent micro-dot tattoo is made on the scalp, in sparse or bald areas. The results are instantaneous, and give an impression of hair density.

This treatment must be carried out by professionals in order to obtain a realistic and natural result.

Micropigmentation is suitable for everyone, men and women, with no side effects or particular contraindications.

How does hair micropigmentation take place?

Micropigmentation, tricopigmentation or dermopigmentation must be carried out by qualified professionals, called expert dermographers. It is indeed a method that requires experience and high-quality, high-precision tools.

The treatment of baldness by scalp micropigmentation, consists of injecting hypoallergenic natural pigments adapted to the pH of the skin, under the skin of the scalp, at a very precise depth, in order to imitate a capillary implantation or hair in regrowth. It is thus possible to conceal bald or sparse areas, and to create an effect of density.

The expert dermographer comes to tattoo micro-points of color, in the bald spaces, using a needle tool called a dermograph and bioresorbable pigments.

Thanks to the dermograph, the needle penetrates about 1mm below the dermis, leaving a small point visible through the skin of the scalp.

For an optimal result, the pressure, the speed, the diameter of the needle, the dermograph, the quality of the pigments, as well as the color are very important elements to take into account.

Why do scalp micropigmentation?

There are different reasons for resorting to hair micropigmentation:

scalp micropigmentation

Hiding an incipient alopecia: when the skull begins to thin out slightly, scalp micropigmentation makes it possible to fill in the sparse areas with dots of color, thus creating a “trompe-l’oeil” effect by giving an illusion of density.

Draw a frontal line: when the frontal line begins to recede, or when the patient wishes a new aesthetic look, it is possible to slightly redraw the frontal line thanks to tricopigmentation. Be careful however, scalp micropigmentation does not give the same results as a hair transplant.

Hiding a scar: thanks to this method of capillary micropigmentation, it is now possible to hide scars. Whether they are the result of an accident, or scars from a FUT hair transplant (old strip technique).

In addition to a hair transplant: when a hair transplant has already been performed, but there is still a lack of density, it is then possible to opt for scalp micropigmentation of the scalp. This completes the result of the hair transplant. This method is therefore intended for patients who do not wish to perform a second hair transplant session, or those whose donor area does not allow a second hair implant operation.

For a “shaved head” look: when the alopecia is too advanced and a hair transplant is then not feasible, hair micropigmentation is the best solution for those who want to hide their baldness with a shaved head effect. Pigmentation micro-points are then applied to the entire scalp, leaving the illusion of a perfectly shaved head.

Who can use scalp micropigmentation?

Men with alopecia.
Women with alopecia.
Women wishing to redefine their eyebrows.
Men or women who already have a hair transplant.
Men or women who have suffered an accident or surgery that left a scar.
Men or women who have had chemotherapy or other heavy medical treatments.
Men or women wishing to conceal stabilized alopecia areata.

On what type of hair can scalp micropigmentation be done?

Micropigmentation is suitable for all hair types: short hair, long short hair, shaved short hair, or even short curly or frizzy hair.

As for the color, the expert will determine the suitable pigment during the prior consultation. All types of pigment exist.

How much does a micropigmentation session cost?

In UK, several capillary micropigmentation centers exist, and the prices vary according to the size of the area to be treated.

For a small area, a session of about 2 hours costs 3000€, and prices can go up to 8000€ for a session of 5 hours, allowing the entire head to be covered.

Scalp Micropigmentation or Hair Transplant?

Scalp Micropigmentation can help in some cases, but the results will never be as effective and natural as with hair transplantation. Indeed, the hair transplant allows to have real hair that grows back, and therefore a real hair density. In addition, the results of hair transplantation are long-lasting.

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