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When do we see the final results of hair transplantation?

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the final results of hair transplantation

Wondering when to expect the final results of hair transplantation? In this article, we answer this question.

Hair loss today affects a large part of the world’s population, men and women alike, no one is really spared. It is for this same reason that today thousands of people resort to hair transplantation, a treatment that provides them with a lasting solution. Opting for a hair transplant, beyond the aesthetic question, is also a personal choice to fight against the feeling of discomfort that baldness can cause in some people.

In fact, in recent years, seeing the excellent final results of hair transplantation, it has prompted many people to undergo hair implants, making them happy and comfortable in their own skin. When a person decides to undergo this type of intervention, the whole process must be taken with the utmost seriousness, it is not that it is a difficult operation, but the care and treatment provided must be in perfect condition according to the patient’s needs. The complete analysis of your file will then allow us to find the best solution to your problem and will ensure the total success of the intervention.

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What to do before having a hair transplant

The first thing you need to do is do a full assessment of your case with hair transplant experts like Hairback Clinic, to fully understand the stakes involved in the procedure.

A surgical plan will then be determined in order to cover the alopecia problem. While it is true that hair transplantation is a quick and minimally invasive operation, the delay in obtaining the final results is an unavoidable waiting time.

The process should follow the stages of the natural hair growth cycle. So you have to be patient.

When you leave the operating room, you will already be covered with new implanted follicles and you will be able to see the areas that have been covered. But the process will still have to evolve until the following year before the final results provided by the hair transplant can be confirmed.

When do we see the final results of hair transplantation?

It must be understood, and this is important, that if certain areas are targeted during your hair transplant in Turkey and are covered by the new implants, others that had native hair could over time also be affected by alopecia and therefore suffer a loss of density. When this happens, it is necessary to perform a second hair transplant session to homogenize the result.

The 12-month period necessary to obtain a result is a point on which all the experts agree. It is after this waiting time that you can enjoy and enjoy your new hair.

How to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

the final results of hair transplantation

The evolution of techniques and the improvement of the services rendered have multiplied the creation of new hair transplant clinics in Turkey. The large number of experts and centers specializing in hair transplantation is so large in Istanbul today that it is difficult to make a choice with complete peace of mind.

How to Know Which is the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

When we embark on the search for a center specializing in hair transplantation, we must take into account many essential points that will guide us in our choice.

Let’s see what are the remaining criteria to analyze before taking the plunge —>

  • In Turkey there are countless surgical centers, but few are entirely dedicated to hair transplantation, and it is precisely this hair center that interests us. Because by choosing a clinic specializing in transplants, we will ensure that these experts are above all hair experts.
  • Keep in mind that the clinic must be licensed, it may seem logical, but many of them are not. This is an extremely important criterion since the approval of a center also makes it possible to ensure the competence of the professionals who make it up. So you can be sure that all the documents are official and that the hair center is legally authorized to perform hair surgeries.
  • The quality of a clinic’s facilities is another point to consider. Prefer clinics located in European private hospitals or modern private institutions. For example, avoid low-cost clinics located on the outskirts of Istanbul. Above all, do not hesitate to ask for photos of the clinic’s different operating rooms, this can be decisive in your choice.
  • When you make the first contact with the clinic, pay attention to the relationship with the client it has. Indeed, the interlocutors placed at your disposal must be available and attentive. Moreover, they must be completely transparent, providing you with complete documents with all the necessary information. If this is a criterion of choice before choosing this clinic, it is also a way to ensure that after your operation you will benefit from an exemplary follow-up.
  • If you don’t see patient cases on social media, avoid the clinic. It is important that this is a complete gallery of the different cases that have been treated.
  • If you find that your interlocutor is for example too familiar or that he does not speak your language well or that there are problems of understanding from the beginning of your exchanges, we recommend that you do not continue with this clinic. It is important that you can trust them blindly.

Consider all these points. Be patient, carefully review all the criteria and take your time before deciding. Do not hesitate to compare the different clinics.


CONCLUSION: Hair loss is extremely common these days, which is why about 40% of men are prone to alopecia, and that’s why many of them use the many services offered by HairBack Clinic.

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