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Is it true that hair falls more in the spring ?

Léa Prague on March 6, 2023 0 Comments • Tags: #seasonalhairloss

Seasonal hair loss

Seasonal hair loss, what is it and how to prevent it?

In general, many people think that it is during the winter that hair falls more abundantly than in autumn, but in reality, in the spring, we can also notice more hair loss.

It is then, during the telogen phase that the hair fell, sometimes more than 100 per day and it was only at the beginning of the anagène phase that the hair regenerated again. This is why between these 2 periods it is sometimes possible to note a drop in capillary density.

The 3 phases of hair growth

The hiking cycle consists of 3 phases:

  • The Anagène phase: hair growth.
  • The catagen phase: the rest phase of the hair.
  • The telogen phase: the expulsion phase of the hair.

Seasonal hair loss

The anagène phase

The anagène phase corresponds to the growth phase of the hair.
During this phase, the matrix cells of the chips multiply allow the hair to push at high speed. This phase can last a few months or more years. However, each hair follicle does not have the same growth speed, and it depends on its location on the scalp. The hair then grows more quickly on top of the skull than in terms of temples or globes.

The catagen phase

The catagen phase is the moment when the hair is resting and its growth is stopped. At that time, matrix cells are therefore no longer multiplied. This phase generally lasts between 3 weeks and a few months.

The telogen phase

The telogen phase corresponds to the fall of the hair. The bulb is expelled from the scalp, remaining on the surface for a certain time, which causes death and therefore the fall of the hair. The total expulsion of the bulb therefore gives way to a new hair.
Note that each hair has a different cycle. The phases are therefore not synchronized and therefore each follicles grows or falls at different times.

Seasonal hair loss

Is it true that hair falls more in the spring?

Seasonal hair lossBe careful, this seasonal hair loss should not be compared to alopecia, which is a pathology. Because in the first case we are talking about fleeting hair loss, they will sooner or later regenerate. In some cases, the original density can take up to 3 months to recover. This seasonal fall affects both women and men.

On the other hand, if after having passed this phase of loss of hair density and that the hair was not regenerated, it is certain that you have a hair problem like alopecia for example. In this specific case, it is better to consult an expert to carry out a study of your case.

So you are surely wondering if during this seasonal hair loss it is possible to slow it down. Unfortunately, there is no remedy to date, however, we highly recommend you wash your hair well, choose your products carefully, massage regularly, and brush without being too rough.

Real and false things for the health of your hair

It’s true

Pay attention to your diet, it must be rich in vitamins and balanced.
If you have nutrient deficiencies you will quickly notice it thanks to the quality of your hair and nails.
Home dryers, irons or other devices that generate a lot of energy can damage.
Haircuts that involve tie the hair with elastic or similar can damage the hair fiber.

It’s wrong

That certain food supplements can regenerate the hair. Although they can have virtues to fight against hair loss, they can in no case regenerate the follicles.
Having washing hair regularly can speed up hair loss. Simply avoid applying too much chemicals so as not to attack the scalp.
Whether gel or hair wax cause an accelerated fall in the follicles. It should not be abused and apply it with care.

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