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Ron-quina hair tonic

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Ron-quina hair tonic

What is Ron-quina Hair Tonic? What is its composition? And how to use it?

Many people suffer from temporary hair loss. Indeed, we have all experienced at some point a decrease in density and volume, or a fairly significant loss of hair when washing or brushing for example. As long as this is temporary, there is nothing to worry about, it is often due to a change of season. However, if the problem persists and worsens, then it is better to consult a specialist.


Hair loss, what are the causes?


First of all, there are 2 types of hair loss:

Temporary hair loss

Temporary hair loss is part of the hair cycle and occurs during the telogen phase (the hair that falls will be replaced by another hair). We also talk about seasonal hair loss (during the fall, for example) or after a hormonal change, for example.

Permanent hair loss

Or more commonly alopecia. Permanent alopecia refers to moderate to severe hair loss, diffuse or localized (in patches). It is characterized by a gradual, then permanent reduction in the amount of hair. The most common cause of alopecia in men is androgenetic alopecia.


Several factors can cause hair loss


The change of season

Very often autumn and spring are the periods when the hair loss most often occurs.

Stress or emotional shocks

Because our emotions play a role in our hormonal production, episodes of emotional shocks or significant moments of stress can lead to hair loss.


An unbalanced diet or eating disorders cause significant nutritional deficiencies. This has an impact on the immune system and on health in general. And because our hair needs nutrients and vitamins
naturally present in certain foods, in the event of a deficiency in iron, vitamin B, copper, silicon or even zinc, our hair will then be subject to alopecia.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal imbalance is a major cause of hair loss in both men and women. In men we speak of disruption of androgen hormones, and in women of hormonal disruption linked to estrogen hormones.

Genetics or the hereditary factor

Most of the time this cause concerns men, and we then speak of androgenetic alopecia. And contrary to what one might think, hereditary alopecia comes from the mother. Indeed, the X chromosome, which bears the imprints relating to a risk of alopecia, is transmitted from the mother to her child.

You will therefore have understood: certain types of hair loss are inevitable. However, to combat temporary hair loss, there are many hair treatments and treatments. And it is in particular the use of Ron-quina hair tonic which has recently proved its worth.


What is Ron-quina hair tonic for hair?

Ron-quina hair tonic is a remedy against dandruff, against dull hair, against skin infections but also against baldness or hair loss.

Ronquina is composed mainly of plants, and exists in the form of hair lotion, shampoo, or hair tonic. It can be used daily on hair and scalp. It helps prevent seasonal hair loss and increase hair volume.

Also indicated in treatment against dandruff or scalp affection, Ron-quina hair tonic is the essential hair care for strong and healthy hair.


What is the composition of Ron-quina hair tonic

Ron-quina is mainly composed of two medicinal plants: Rosemary
(Rosmarinus Officinalis) and Quinine (Cinchona).

This chemical-vegetable composition with a very intense and pleasant fragrance, results in a powerful anti-hair loss hair treatment. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, it strengthens the hair root, it promotes hair growth and growth and it fights dandruff. Ronquina also promotes hair volume and nourishes it deeply. Thus the hair is softer and silkier.

Ron-quina hair tonic 2

The benefits of rosemary for hair

Rosemary for the hair, helps fight against hair loss and stimulate growth. It brings strength and shine to the hair. It is also an excellent natural antiseptic which allows it to act on the scalp: it will soothe, prevent itching and also fight against dandruff.

Benefits of Quinine for hair

Quinine for the hair has a booster effect that awakens the hair follicle and strengthens the anchoring of the hair (the root), to then slow down its fall. Used regularly, thanks to Quinine, the hair is much thicker and stronger. They are then more resistant to external aggressions such as pollution, temperature changes, etc.


How to use Ron-quina hair tonic ?

Whether in lotion, shampoo or tonic form, Ron-quina is the secret to strong, healthy hair.


Ron-quina Hair Lotion

To be applied on dry or wet hair, and does not require rinsing. The Ronquina-based lotion tones and revitalizes dull hair that lacks elasticity. Also helps prevent the appearance of dandruff and fight hair loss.

Ron-quina shampoo for hair

A Ron-quina-based shampoo is suitable for all hair types. To be used once or twice a week, it revitalizes the hair.

Ron-quina hair tonic

To be used after each shampoo. Apply the Ronquina Tonic to damp hair, and massage the scalp in a circular motion. For better efficiency, it is advisable to let the hair dry in the open air. Thanks to the Ronquina Tonic in hair care, you will find shiny, supple hair, a healthy scalp, and will notice a reduction in hair loss.


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