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When can we see the results of a PRP hair treatment?

Dr. Baykal Oymak on January 12, 2023 0 Comments • Tags: #prptreatment

When can we see the results of a PRP hair treatment?

When will I start noticing the results of a PRP hair treatment?” – This is a commonly asked question among individuals who have undergone this particular hair treatment. If you’re curious about the timeline for seeing the effects, continue reading to gain a deeper understanding of PRP and when you can expect to witness its results.

Hair loss is a problem that affects many people worldwide, but several solutions can help counteract this phenomenon. One of the most innovative and promising techniques for hair care is PRP treatment, a therapy based on platelet-rich plasma.

PRP treatment involves using the patient’s blood, which is collected and centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other blood components. The resulting plasma is then injected into the areas of the scalp affected by hair loss to stimulate hair follicle growth and promote tissue regeneration.

PRP hair treatment is an innovative and promising technique to counter hair loss and promote growth. The first results of a PRP treatment are visible after approximately three months from the first session, but the final results may take up to six months. By following the doctor’s instructions and adopting a healthy lifestyle, lasting and satisfactory results can be achieved.

But when can we see the results of a PRP hair treatment? 

The answer depends on several factors, including the severity of the problem, the quality of the plasma used, and the technique used to apply the treatment. In general, PRP hair treatment’s first results become visible approximately three months after the first session.

During this period, the patient may notice reduced hair loss and increased hair density in the treated area. However, the final results of PRP hair treatment can only be considered definitive about six months after the first session.

This is because the process of hair follicle regeneration and hair growth is gradual and takes time. Most patients undergoing PRP hair treatment require at least three sessions to achieve the best results, with an interval of about four weeks between sessions.

It should be emphasized that the results of PRP hair treatment can vary from person to person, depending on the severity of the problem and individual response to therapy. Furthermore, to obtain lasting and satisfactory results, it is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions and adopt a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking, alcohol, and stress, and following a balanced diet rich in nutrients.

PRP hair treatment is not a miraculous solution for all hair loss cases. For example, if the cause of hair loss is due to factors such as genetic predisposition or autoimmune disease, the treatment may not be effective. Furthermore, it is essential to remember that PRP hair treatment requires a significant financial commitment. Depending on the severity of the problem and the number of sessions needed, the cost of treatment can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros.

However, despite these factors, PRP hair treatment continues to be one of the most promising and innovative options for hair care. Thanks to its ability to stimulate hair follicle growth and promote tissue regeneration, the treatment can significantly improve hair density and reduce hair loss.

Is PRP treatment complementary to hair transplantation?

PRP hair treatment is a procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma to stimulate hair follicle growth and promote tissue regeneration. Hair transplantation, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting healthy hair follicles from the back or sides of the scalp to the balding area.

While PRP treatment can help improve the health of hair follicles and prevent hair loss, hair transplantation represents a long-term solution to restore hair density and achieve a natural appearance. Moreover, hair transplantation can also be combined with PRP treatment to enhance the results.

When PRP treatment is combined with hair transplantation, platelet-rich plasma can improve the survival of transplanted hair follicles. PRP treatment can also reduce the risk of infections and accelerate post-operative recovery time.

PRP treatment and hair transplantation

These are two complementary solutions for hair care. Together, these treatments can provide a long-term solution for hair loss and improve hair density and the overall appearance of the scalp. It is essential to consult a specialized trichology or dermatology doctor to evaluate whether these treatments suit your specific case.

The price of a PRP treatment

The price of a PRP session may vary from one establishment to another. Remember that the complete protocol includes between 3 to 5 sessions.

In the UK, a PRP session costs around 450£.

In Turkey, a PRP session costs around 200€.

These rates can vary from a single session to a complete package.

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