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How to regulate the pH of the hair ?

Léa Prague on May 25, 2023 0 Comments • Tags: #phofthehair

For years, hair care has been a very important aspect in our society. A good appearance of the hair is synonymous with beauty. This has led many companies to develop hair care products. But, although they promise great changes, little is said about the importance of the pH of the hair. However, in this article, we would like to define what it is, what is its importance and how to regulate the hair pH.

What is the pH of the hair?

The nomenclature of pH refers to the hydrogen potential of the hair. This is maintained at values between 0 and 14, with number 7 being the well-known neutral pH. The rule of pH establishes that when it is above 7, we speak of an alkaline hydrogen potential. While it has a hydrogen potential below this figure, it is recognized as acidic.

This measurement is useful for making a calculation of the alkalinity or acidity of the components of the scalp and hair. This is a very large scale, even when it comes to making products for cleaning and hair care.

Hair pH and Scalp pH: Difference

A healthy scalp is one that maintains its pH between 5 and 5.5. Whereas for pH of the hair, it is recommended to keep it at a fixed number of 3.6. It is completely normal and healthy for your hair and scalp to have a slight difference in pH. The important thing is that they always remain in the acid slice, which will help maintain the vitality and good appearance of the hair. Thus, it is softer and easier to comb.

How does the pH of the hair get out of balance?

Hair pH can be out of balance for a variety of reasons. The most common is the application of chemicals that seek to alter the appearance of the hair, such as bleaching, instant straighteners or chemical dyes. These elements alter and damage the pH of the scalp.

Another reason that can lead to this is the immersion of your hair in sea water or in chlorinated swimming pool water. These agents, in contact with your scalp, are harmful to the health of the hair. It’s important to take precautions with certain things your hair is exposed to, like certain environmental conditions or the products you use.

What is the ideal pH of the hair?

pH of the hair

As previously read, the ideal pH for hair and scalp is at an acidic level. If the hair goes out of its ideal pH level, its quality will be affected, and your hair can become fragile, dry, dull and difficult to comb. Thus, it is best to maintain the hair at a healthy acidity level and that it does not exceed 3.6.

The pH of my hair is high, what should I do?

The pH of the hair is not always kept at optimal levels, so it is possible that it has had unfavorable seasons. This can happen due to lack of care, excessive cleaning or prolonged exposure to the sun. Thus increasing the risks associated with the high pH of the hair.

When this happens, the hair shaft has a considerable opening at its ends and its cuticle. In addition, it can alter the structure of the hair, making it dry and dull. This can directly affect the self-esteem of the person affected by this situation. You can opt for hair care to regulate your pH of the hair .

Regulate the pH of the hair ?

Neutral hair care products

If you prefer more natural treatments, you can use formulas that mix vinegar and lemon with other components to balance the pH. However, it is important not to overuse these ingredients. Indeed, its excessive use could lower the pH of the hair too much and lead it to a state of damaged hair.

Avoid chemicals

You want to keep your hair at a healthy pH, it is important to avoid exposing it to chemicals that can alter its pH level. In the event that the hair has problems with its hydrogen potential, products that help to balance it should be used. As is the case with shampoos without harsh ingredients.

The products to be used to guarantee hair care must have a pH between 3 and 5.5. This is the case with some leave-in conditioners or conditioners that help reduce alkalinity levels in hair.

Be careful with coloring

For some people, wanting to change the appearance of the hair is important, and that is why coloring is the most used alternative. But, it is important to consider certain factors when using products designed to change hair color.

It is recommended that the dye to be used be at a moderately alkaline pH level, so that it has a better effect. In this way, the coloring product will be able to satisfactorily and with the least possible damage change the color of the hair.

You have to be very careful with the alkaline values. If these are very high, the damage to the hair can be considerable. Doing so that the results of the coloring are not those desired. Because a modification of the final color may appear or because the pigments disappear after a few washes.

When you want to treat hair with colorings, especially fancy tones, extreme care must be taken. In fact, a wide range of products could alter the color, also drying the hair excessively, without obtaining a favorable effect, with a balanced pH.

CONCLUSION on pH of the hair

Hair care is a vast and complex subject. In order to maintain healthy hair, it is necessary to know the type of hair you have, in order to choose the best products for your care. Knowing the pH of hair can help apply only products that are beneficial to your hair, so they don’t alter its shape, structure or quality.


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