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Francis N’Gannou, his new opponent: baldness

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Francis N'Gannou, his new opponent: baldness


We no longer present him. Real terror of the UFC rings and recently winner against the French Cyril Gane to defend his title, Francis N’gannou said the “Predator”. It is with surprise, that a few weeks ago we learned, his presence in Turkey, in order to fight baldness, opponent that he unfortunately cannot face in the ring. His choice surprised more than one, not to have opted for a hair transplant but to have decided to travel to Turkey to perform it. Indeed, the well-informed Predator chose to do his hair implant in the best city in his field: Istanbul. Forced to see that a Star like him could easily have chosen a luxury clinic in the beautiful districts of Paris. But it is not so, and it is no coincidence that he chose Turkey to recover his hair.

Why did Francis N’Gannou choose Turkey for his hair transplant?

For almost 4 or 5 years now, the hair transplant sector has been booming. Indeed, there are now thousands of people who come every month to Istanbul to undergo a hair transplant in the Turkish capital. If so many people choose this destination for such an important operation, it is quite simply because over the years the experience and know-how of the specialists on site has been amply demonstrated by obtaining results considered today, as being the best in the world. Another of the advantages of having surgery in Turkey, in addition to the quality of the hair implants, is the support you can benefit from. Indeed, by choosing clinics like HairBack Clinic for example, you will be accompanied throughout the process, and accommodated in a luxury hotel with driver, translator, etc… Rather practical, when you undergo cosmetic surgery in a foreign country where you don’t necessarily speak the language.

The hair implant: A simple operation in three days, all inclusive:

Recovering your hair has never been so quick and painless today thanks to new technologies.

The services in Istanbul are carried out only in 3 days:

  • Pick up at the airport and blood test: The patient is picked up with a vehicle and a private driver, then he is taken to the clinic
  • Pick up at the hotel and operation: The clinic picks up the patient at the hotel and escorts him to the clinic for his intervention.
  • 3rd and last day: Post-operative and hair washing at the clinic, the patient is free to leave in the afternoon.

Hair transplant in Turkey – the meeting place of celebrities:

It is no longer a secret that celebrities who come to Turkey for their hair implants are constantly increasing. Actors like Jean Dujardin or Nicolas Cage, or even singers like Matt Pokora or Florent Pagny come regularly to perform micro transplant sessions. It also demonstrates how democratized cosmetic surgery has become in our society. Whether it is an international star or an office worker, today everyone has access to hair transplantation and does not hesitate to take the plunge. You too can take the plunge and request a free estimate here.

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