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9 Things To Avoid After A Hair Transplant

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9 Things To Avoid After A Hair Transplant

In the infinity of what we call the world wide web, users can find such a large volume of information on what to do before and after a hair transplant that today, it is difficult to guarantee that the information you are reading is correct. So we decided to have a hot talk about things to avoid after a hair transplant in Turkey.

What should be done after a hair graft should be detailed as clearly as possible. It should be borne in mind that the success of a follicle transplant also depends on how the postoperative period was. After such an intervention, it is essential that the patient has access to concrete and accurate information.

What are the things to avoid after a hair transplant?

It is of utmost importance to prioritise the avoidance of certain activities and behaviours after a hair transplant procedure. In this way, patients can contribute significantly to the success of their transplantation and optimal results. So here are some things to avoid after a hair transplant surgery in Turkey:


Avoid direct exposure to the sun

After the hair transplant , avoid direct sun exposure for at least two weeks. Intense sunlight can damage sensitive scalps and affect healing.


Do not touch or scratch the transplanted area

Avoid touching, scratching or rubbing the transplanted area. This could cause injury, infection and interfere with the healing process.


Avoid strenuous physical activity

After the hair transplant surgery, avoid strenuous physical activity such as weight lifting, running, or strenuous workouts. Vigorous physical activity can raise blood pressure and affect healing.


Avoid alcohol and smoking

Avoid alcohol and smoking during the recovery period. Alcohol and smoking can impede blood circulation and impair the healing process.


Do not take any non-prescribed medication

Avoid taking any medications, supplements, or vitamins without consulting your doctor. Some medications can interfere with healing or increase the risk of complications.


Avoid excessive stress

Try to avoid excessive stress during the recovery period. Stress can affect healing and slow down the growth process of the transplanted hair.


Do not wear tight hats or headgear

Avoid wearing tight hats or headgear that could rub or put pressure on the transplanted area. Allow the scalp to breathe freely to promote healing.


Avoid chemical or heat treatments for your hair

After the hair transplant, avoid chemical treatments such as dyes or perms and the use of heat tools such as hair dryers or hair straighteners. These treatments can damage the transplanted hair and delay healing.


Don't skip your follow-up appointments

Be sure to follow your hair transplant doctor’s instructions and attend follow-up appointments. These appointments are essential to monitor the healing process and provide any adjustments or recommendations.

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