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6 Year of “No Poo” – Could This Be For You?

Léa Prague on December 17, 2022 0 Comments • Tags: #haircare #nopoo

6 Year of No Poo

6 years of “No Poo” …


Laura Ashley is a 27-year-old American girl who became famous for her “no poo” hair care routine. Her TikTok video where she reveals that she stopped washing her hair with shampoo six years ago has gone viral and is it for you ?


The “no poo” method

Six years without washing her hair with shampoo…

Inevitably, this announcement on social networks did not go unnoticed.

Laura Ashley, going by the handle Veggie Shredder, posted her video and wrote in the caption: “When you haven’t eaten meat, dairy, cheese or used shampoo, conditioner and heat on your hair for six years “.

This publication made the buzz and aroused the wrath of Internet users. Many then wonder about the smell of her hair, and its texture.

Following this, the TikTok girl gave an interview to Mirror UK, and she says that since she no longer uses shampoo or conditioner, her hair is much healthier.
Regarding the insults received from Internet users, it does not reach her and she declares: “If people want to say that I look like I smell bad, it doesn’t matter”, and she even confides: ” no one ever told me that I stink. Honestly, I also get a lot of compliments on my hair.”

no poo


How to properly maintain your hair with the ‘no poo’ method?

Laura Ashley went no poo and hasn’t used shampoo or conditioner on her hair for 6 years, but still, she continues to take care of it by applying a hair mask once a week, and that’s all !

She then justifies herself to Mirror UK: “I always maintain them, it’s just that I do it without shampoo or conditioner. So it’s not like I don’t put anything on my hair, it’s a completely wrong idea that people have had from watching my video.

According to her, shampoos and conditioners contain a lot of chemicals, so giving them up was the best decision she made for her hair.

Her little secret: she adds to her weekly hair mask, a careful detangling of her hair, and a gentle rinse with water.


What is the difference between a conditioner and a hair mask?

These 2 hair care products have the same objective of nourishing the hair. However, the conditioner has an immediate effect, while the hair mask will act in the long term.

The hair mask has a richer formula, and therefore its use will only be done once a week, against after each shampoo for the conditioner (i.e. 2 to 4 times a week). The conditioner is applied and rinsed off immediately, while the hair mask is left on for at least 10 minutes, allowing the treatment to penetrate well into the hair fibre.

The hair mask therefore has a more powerful action, and is more nutritious and restorative than a conditioner. Thanks to regular hair care with a mask, the hair regains shine, suppleness and vitality.

Of course, you can combine the use of a conditioner and a hair mask in order to have soft, smooth, shiny and deeply protected hair every day.



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