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Hair loss and diet: are they linked ?

Léa Prague on June 18, 2023 0 Comments • Tags: #diet #food #hairloss

Hair loss and diet: It is well known that foods rich in vitamins B and E help prevent and slow down hair loss. But then what diet to adopt against hair loss?

A diet that is too rich in fatty or sugary products, or in processed products has a negative impact on the body and can thus lead to hair loss. Just like tobacco or alcohol consumption, which can seriously harm your health in general, but also your hair health.

Thanks to this article, we will help you adopt a better diet, for the well-being of your hair.

Hair loss and diet

Hair loss is very often linked to hormonal problems or changes. But other factors such as fatigue, stress or poor diet can also cause hair loss. This is why the impact of diet on hair health should not be overlooked. Indeed, our hair needs different minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids to grow properly and stay healthy.

Essential vitamins and minerals for hair

  • B vitamins (B5, B6, B8, B12): have a major role in cell regeneration and in the production of red blood cells.
  • Vitamins A, C and D: these vitamins are essential for the proper development of hair. Vitamin A protects hair by stimulating sebum production. Vitamin C plays a role in the production of collagen which is an essential compound of hair follicles. Vitamin D acts during the anagen phase and helps develop hair growth.
  • Zinc: is an essential mineral in the assimilation and transformation of proteins.
  • Keratin: is an essential protein for the development of hair but also nails. Namely that our hair is composed of more than 90% keratin.
  • Iron: is a nutrient that makes up hemoglobin. Iron brings energy and oxygen to the cells thus promoting capillary synthesis.
  • Omega-3s: these essential fatty acids promote hair growth and prevent hair loss or alopecia.

The right diet against hair loss

Hair loss and diet – A balanced, healthy and varied diet can help you regain good hair health.

  • Vegetable oils are rich in fatty acids essential to hair.
  • Citrus fruits provide vitamin C.
  • Eggs for vitamins A and B, zinc, and protein.
  • Lentils and spinach are rich in iron.
  • Hazelnuts, rich in vitamin B, iron, and magnesium.
  • The banana provides zinc and magnesium.
  • Green tea is very rich in antioxidants.
  • Fish or nuts are very rich in Omega-3, promoting good hair growth.

right diet against hair loss

Foods that can cause hair loss

  • Fatty foods: deli meats, fried foods, or sweets, should be eaten in moderation, if you are prone to hair loss.
  • Dairy products: excess dairy products can promote hair loss. This is due to an imbalance between calcium and magnesium. It should therefore be consumed in small quantities.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol can cause deficiencies in B vitamins, which are essential for hair development. In addition to its negative effects on the liver, alcohol is also to be avoided, for the well-being of your hair.
  • Processed products: Processed food products generally lose all their basic properties. It is therefore advisable to banish them from your diet, so as not to create any imbalance in the essential intakes.
  • Tobacco: this is not part of the diet, but when consumed, it is often part of daily habits. But tobacco, cigarettes, in addition to other negative effects, prevents the proper development of hair, thus making hair fragile and causing premature hair loss.

To conclude …

Hair loss and diet. Hair loss can be a very frustrating phenomenon. However, in order to get started in hair care, it is essential to understand the cause. Hair loss can be linked to diet and lifestyle. This is why it is very important to adopt a balanced and healthy diet.

So what to remember

The causes of hair loss are numerous: fatigue, stress, diet, or even genetics.
Food plays a very important role in healthy hair. It is therefore necessary to opt for a healthy and varied diet, in order to avoid deficiencies.
Hair loss can be slowed down by consuming the right minerals, fatty acids and vitamins.


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