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Biotin for hair : what are its benefits ?

Léa Prague on June 21, 2023 0 Comments • Tags: #biotinforhair

Biotin for hair

Just like the skin or the nails, the hair also needs nutrients and vitamins, such as biotin for hair, in order to be strong and protected from external aggressions, such as pollution, chemicals, cold or the heat.

Hair gets these nutrients mainly from food. However, despite a healthy and varied diet, it sometimes happens that certain nutrients must also be taken in food supplements.

What is Biotin ?

Biotin is a B vitamin. Also known as “H vitamins” or “B8 vitamins”, biotin plays a very important role in metabolism.

The human body does not produce biotin naturally, however it needs it daily to regulate gene activity in the cell nucleus. Biotin is found in certain foods such as mushrooms, cauliflower, egg yolk, nuts…

Biotin or vitamin B8 has a particularity. It is called a “water-soluble” vitamin because the body does not store it. It passes directly into the blood and is evacuated through the urine.

Benefits of biotin for hair

For the skin, biotin helps maintain normal skin, neither too dry nor too oily. For the nails, biotin would strengthen them. But then what about the hair, and what are the benefits of biotin on the hair?

Biotin stimulates hair growth

Biotin helps maintain healthy hair and also plays a very important role in the constitution of keratin proteins. Thus biotin makes the hair strong and allows the stimulation of hair growth.

Biotin helps fight hair loss

Biotin allows the maintenance of beautiful and strong hair. So not only does biotin strengthen the hair and make it shinier, but by stimulating its growth it also helps to actively fight against hair loss. Biotin is therefore recommended for people suffering from alopecia.

The benefits of biotin after a hair transplant

Biotin has an undeniable positive effect on hair growth. And also helps to fight effectively against hair loss or alopecia.

After a hair transplant, it is important to ensure that the body has all the necessary vitamin intake, especially for the proper development of the hair transplant and good hair regrowth.

Biotin allows better blood circulation in the scalp. The use of biotin in addition to the hair transplant is therefore recommended, for 2 to 12 months after the transplant, then as a cure for a minimum of 2 months, each year.

What dosage of Biotin for the hair?

Food supplements of biotin for hair, are in the form of capsules, with different dosages.

For hair, the minimum recommended amount is 1000 μg to 5000 μg (micrograms) of biotin per day.

For effective and visible results, biotin for hair should be taken as a course of 2-6 months.

vitamins for hair

Other essential hair vitamins

Vitamin A

Vitamin A and its antioxidant properties, gives suppleness and shine to the hair. Vitamin A stimulates the production of sebum, thus allowing the hair to be protected. Vitamin 1 is naturally present in sweet potato, mango or carrot.

B vitamins

Vitamin B3 nourishes the roots and stimulates the scalp for rapid hair regrowth. Vitamin B3 is present in white meat or rice.

Vitamin B5 and its regenerating properties. It is involved in the repair process and participates in cell renewal. Vitamin B5 is found in certain seeds, mushrooms, and even in organ meats.

Vitamin B6 reinforces the effects of keratin. The hair is then stronger and more resistant. Vitamin B6 is recommended for people suffering from alopecia, and can be consumed in salmon, calf’s liver, tuna or even in bananas.

Vitamin B8: Biotin for hair

Vitamin B12 is present in fish, seafood, liver. Combined with iron and vitamin C, hair regrowth is accelerated, and hair is healthy and shiny.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E actively stimulates blood circulation to the scalp at the hairline. Allowing faster hair growth and stronger hair. Vitamin E is found in certain vegetable oils such as hemp oil, in peanuts, or even in spinach.


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