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How is a hair transplant performed?

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DHI technique - How is a hair transplant performed


How is a hair transplant performed ? Are you losing your hair and don’t know what to do ? In this type of situation and in most cases, it is recommended to undergo a hair transplant. 

Today, there are many hair transplant techniques, but the most effective is Sapphire FUE.

It consists of individually extracting the follicles located in the occipital region, keeping the bulb and the blood vessels (1,2,3 or 4 hair follicles) and reimplanting them in the recipient area, or area affected by alopecia.

How is a hair transplant performed ?

The hair transplant process includes several essential steps to carry it out.


During the preoperative phase, a thorough examination of the donor and recipient area is carried out. Once it has been decided that the patient is suitable for hair transplantation, the surgery will be planned and the most appropriate technique for your case will be decided.


Local anesthesia is sufficient to perform this surgery as it is minimally invasive and quick. This anesthetic is applied to the entire scalp.

Follicle extraction

Once the anesthesia is effective, the operation can begin.
One by one, the grafts are extracted using a 0.6 mm diameter punch to release the follicles without damaging the donor area or leaving any traces. Once extracted, they must be kept in a healthy solution at low temperature to ensure their good condition and their survival during the implantation phase.


After the extraction phase, it is the turn of the canal opening phase. Micro-incisions are then made in the patient’s scalp in the depopulated area.

Implantation of follicles

Finally, we move on to the implementation phase. the previously extracted follicles will be inserted into the channels opened with the Saphir blade. this is a delicate step. The follicles must be implanted one by one and carefully. The surgeon must have enough experience to take into account the depth, angle and position of the follicle, because it is thanks to these parameters that a natural result will be obtained.


The postoperative phase lasts about 14 days. During this period, it is extremely important that the patient follows the indications given by the clinic.
Hair washes are essential and should be done with care. After this time, the scabs and inflammation should be gone.

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