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Alopecia in women

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Female androgenetic alopecia

“Androgenic alopecia” is a pathology that results in progressive hair loss. This hair disorder can be present in men as well as in Alopecia in women. It is important to take into account that in the case of female alopecia the effects are usually more radical.

When a person suffers from alopecia it affects their image, their aesthetic appearance and it is precisely for this reason that women are greatly affected by this type of disorder. It can have psychological repercussions and can really affect personal relationships. Fighting female alopecia is a priority.

Alopecia in women – How it is characterized:

It is necessary to differentiate between female alopecias and male alopecias. The fall, the symptoms and the period of involvement are not the same. Alopecia can be: androgenic, areata or diffuse.

Androgenic alopecia in women

Alopecia in women

It is the most common of all alopecia in women with a certain age suffer from this type of alopecia.

In the case of this alopecia, the hair dies progressively, losing its vitality, strength and thickness and causing a loss of density in the parietal area, generating bald spots that reveal the scalp.

The main cause of this type of alopecia is usually due to an imbalance of hormones, which directly affect the hair follicles and cause progressive hair loss. It can also be caused by poor lifestyle hygiene or personal reasons that generate stress.

Causes of alopecia areata

This type of alopecia results in hair loss in a specific area. This fall can arise in any area of ​​the scalp. Areata baldness does not follow a certain pattern, it can take months, or appear in a few days.

The follicles suffer from inflammation, causing a deficiency of nutrients in them and causing hair loss. The causes at the origin of this alopecia are not really known, but stress or allergies are suspected that can cause said loss.

Diffuse alopecia: what treatments?

It can be defined in this way: The hair follicles present on the scalp enter the “Telogen” phase (or telogen effluvium) without having completed the anagen phase (Anagen step), causing accelerated hair loss above the usual average . (In case of diffuse alopecia, approximately 500 hairs fall per day).

Logically, this phenomenon ends up generating very lightened areas and does not allow the new hair to grow normally. Contrary to other types of alopecia, this type of baldness can be temporary.

What solutions are there for Alopecia in women?

There are several solutions and treatments for alopecia in women. As in all cases, you will first have to assess in a consultation with a specialist to determine the case and choose the most suitable solution.

For example, in the case of Androgenic alopecia, treatments such as Mesotherapy, Rogaine and Nizoral may be evaluated. Anti-fall medications can also be used as long as they are recommended by a professional in the sector.

In the case of alopecia areata, treatments such as corticosteroids or creams are usually recommended to reduce the inflammation of the follicles and stop hair loss.

There are today, marketed in Pharmacies, shampoos with active ingredients such as N. Benthamiana for men’s and women’s hair.

To combat Diffuse alopecia in women, specific treatments for mental balance are usually used, since in general this type of baldness is caused by strong stress. treatment may also be prescribed to balance nutrition.

Apart from these treatments there are also the most famous ones such as minoxidil for example. However, we recommend all patients, women or men, to first go through a consultation with a dermatologist or a specialist in the sector to determine the causes of their alopecia, and to be able to attack the problem with solutions adapted to their case.

Stem cell treatment, Alopecia in women

It is a treatment that consists of recovering the stem cells from the patient’s abdominal area, since it is where the healthiest stem cells are found.

Once the cells have been recovered (performing a micro liposuction), they will be sent to a laboratory to be cleaned and concentrated in a solution in addition to being activated with natural proteins. This concentrate will be injected into the scalp of the patient and will have the effect of capillary regeneration and the reinforcement of native follicles. It can be a good solution for alopecia in women

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